No More Looking Back

I just reread my editor’s note from our final issue of 2019, and I made what I thought was a clever comment about how 2020 would be the year of hindsight. I admit I did very little looking back this year; instead the lion’s share of 2020 has been spent with a wary eye on the future. As we round the corner on the end of the year, I’m looking forward to the new year and the hope it brings.

There is no magic that will happen when the clock strikes midnight on Dec. 31, I know. The struggles that have been the hallmark of 2020 may continue, but it’s my hope that everyone will be able to stop living in survival mode. I’m ready to be excited about what is good right now, and to that end, we have one heck of an issue for you!

Like many of you, we are slowly starting to get out and travel a bit, so we’re getting back up to speed with our adventures, and so are our writers. We’ve got a great story about taking the ultimate social distancing vacation on a bike ride across America’s Loneliest Road, U.S. Route 50. By bike or car, this is an eternal roadtrip for all Nevadans. The story starts on page 40.

We’ve missed going out to eat, like I’m sure many of you have, so we (safely) ventured to a couple places we’d been waiting to try, and I think the stories about these two diverse restaurants will whet your appetite. Art Director Kippy Spilker and I had the pleasure of heading to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport for a story that is sure to put a smile on your face; a group of volunteers, along with their furry friends, is bringing a sense of peace and calm to the travel experience. You can read about it on page 82.

Associate Editor Eric Cachinero strapped on his boots for a monumental bucket-list adventure: he hiked the entire Tahoe Rim Trail (about 170 miles!) in late August. This story is filled with solitude, beauty, struggle, and a hungry and disruptive bear. Read it starting on page 50.

This Fall issue also has our 2020 Great Nevada Picture Hunt winners, and as usual, prepare to be blown away by our contributors. While the year has been confusing, what we love about the Silver State is clearer than ever, and it shows in these photos. Turn to page 70 to see some amazing pictures.

I want to say one last thing as we close out our final issue of 2020. This year has been unprecedented in its challenges and stressors, but it has also been phenomenally gratifying how much support we have received from you, our readers. We’ve gotten letters, emails, checks, notes from people buying gift subscriptions, and even an offer to buy the staff lunch, just to boost morale (Thanks again for the thought, Manny!). It has helped every step of the way to know that we are still creating a product you all love, and to hear from you has brightened many rough days.

Here’s to a bright, calm, and hopeful 2021.

Megg Mueller, Executive Editor
[email protected]

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