Buck Weaver

Question: What is your connection to Nevada?

Buck Weaver: I was born and raised in Fallon. I went into the service and then came back and ran the Nevada Youth Ranch with my wife. We cared for 32 boys there, and I met Paul Laxalt there. He heard about the boys ranch and had two boys that needed help. They were boys from Carson City who had won the state basketball championship but got caught stealing hubcaps off cars. I arranged for the boys to work on the ranch bucking bales by hand.
We bought a little horse—a wild stallion—to do shows for the kids and picked up donations for the entertainment. Then I moved from the dairy farm in Fallon to Hollywood and took that little horse with me to do the TV show “Buckaroo 500.” We ended up in San Jose on Channel 11 a few times a week, then I got a letter from New York saying they wanted to syndicate the show, and within six weeks, we were syndicated. The show was produced in San Jose and they had a ranch for all the horses. Pom Pom the horse was the main star. You can find a few videos by searching “Buckaroo 500” on YouTube. After I moved to San Jose, my wife passed, and I decided to join my kids in Las Vegas. I’ve lived in Las Vegas since 1984.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about Nevada?

Buck Weaver: I was born and raised here. There was a road named after the Weavers, and a Weaver in Fallon in every grade from 1-12 at one time. There’s a good Veteran’s Association. My wife lived here with me before she passed away and my sons live here.

Question: Tell us a little about yourself; what keeps you busy now?

Buck Weaver: I always wear western boots. I had to go to Canada recently and I flew all night to get to Toronto and then I couldn’t take my boots off. I had to sit on the ground to get my boots off, so I had this idea for a boot jack. I called a friend and he built it for me. I ended up talking with the No. 2 guy at the Las Vegas airport, and three days later I got a call asking to see the boot jack. I‘m working with the airport authority now to get them at the airport.

Question: If you could tell people just one thing about Nevada, what would it be?

Buck Weaver: Nevada is a unique state. There’s no place in the world like it in regards to eating and gambling.

Question: Do you have a favorite quote or motto, and if so why?

Buck Weaver: “God is Good.” There are so many promises.

Question: Are there any Notable Nevadans who have influenced you?

Buck Weaver: Paul Laxalt. I got to know him, and his heart is brighter than gold.


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