Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. Each issue we’ll pick a theme (see below) and let our readers lead the way!

We asked to see your favorite wildlife and what a diverse group of animals you sent! We knew this would be an exciting theme, thanks to how prolific wildlife is in the Silver State, but we were still blown away by your submissions. There were so many incredible photos to choose from, we can’t thank you enough. Nevada certainly is rich in beautiful wildlife.

Night heron, Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas. ©Carla Ehmann
Badger, Currie. ©David Quandt
Mule deer, Carson City. ©Jason Krodel
Mountain goat, Lamoille Canyon. ©Dean Heitt
Mustang, Goldfield. ©Steve O’Melia
Mink, Truckee River, Reno. ©Franz Carver
Hummingbird moth, Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Elko County. ©Michele Barney
Greater roadrunner, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Henderson. ©Paula Lawlor
Bobcat kittens, Reno. ©Dianne McAllister
Pronghorn, Monitor Valley. ©Susanne Reese
Prairie falcon, Gardnerville. ©Vivian Powers
Western tanager, Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno. ©Clayton Peoples
Common chuckwalla, southern Nevada. ©David N. Braun
Desert bighorn sheep, Valley of Fire State Park. ©Karen Brown-Gordon

The July-August theme is:

Submissions for the July-August issue are due Friday, May 15, 2020. Click here for official rules.

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