Right Place, Right Time


Driving home along the east shore of Lake Tahoe, you usually see kayakers and paddle boarders cruising along the placid waters. It’s not too often you see guys in wetsuits tackling 6-foot waves with their surfboards. That’s what happened on Sept. 25 and it was one of those times I was glad I always carry my camera gear with me.

I pulled off the highway near Hidden Beach and ran down to the shore. Five surfers in wetsuits were running between the cold water and the sand. The conditions have to be just right for these kinds of waves and it only happens a couple of times per year.

The sun was about an hour from setting and was moving in and out of the clouds, creating dramatic lighting. My goal was to capture the mood of the bitter wind, cold water, and stormy conditions on the lake that day, and how people can still manage to make the best of it! Love Tahoe!

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