The Loneliest Road in America welcomes travelers to a heavenly respite. 


The entry to the Stone Church Lodge, from the third floor. View shows stone archway over the door, a stairway leading from the doors up to the third floor, where you see a fan, glass chandelier, two blue chairs for seating, a desk, and hardwood flooring.

It’s no secret that Nevada offers world-renowned hospitality at lavish resort-casinos. But in the Silver State, our quirks are also our perks. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s irresistibly different, Nevada’s array of unique retreats and unusual accommodations have got you covered. 


The stone/brick front to the Stone Church Lodge, not currently open to the public. A decorative set of wooden doors has paintings above it and decorative sconces. Brick groundwork surrounds the building on two sides, and a sign on the front reads "Tour Map 41 Eureka NV"

The kitchen to the Stone Church Lodge, shows an A-frame wooden ceiling, shining countertops, stove, microwave, sink, teapot, and refrigerator.Have you heard the good news? Eureka has a new Uncommon Overnighter and it’s a revelation. The Stone Church Lodge is housed in an old Methodist church built in 1881 using native stone. The building served as a church until 1900, housed a few revivals in the 1920s, then sat vacant, praying for a comeback. In the 1980s, a master craftsman turned a portion of the building into a living space complete with ornate and intricate woodwork.  

The entry to the Stone Church Lodge, from the 3rd floor. View shows stone archway over the door, a stairway leading from the doors up to the 3rd floor, where you see a large bed with ornate headboard, glass chandelier, and stairway leading down to the first floor.

First floor of the Stone Church Lodge shows a rock wall, window to the outside, dark wooden flooring, a floor fan, stairway that leads up to the third floor, a day bed, dresser, and TV.A photo of Two Bitch Bourbon, on a small table with a blue chair beside it and rock wall in the background.Lauren and Joe Luby took over the property in 2018 and added a new roof, flooring, appliances, plumbing, and Wi-Fi along with some decorative changes. The lodge is set up a bit like a studio apartment but has a lower floor complete with a daybed, TV, and workspace. The upstairs is an open floor plan with a kitchen, seating area, comfortable bedroom, and bathroom. The property offers a portable evaporative cooler, and fans for the summer months, yet the 1881 stonework alone provides decent protection from the heat. The property is open year round and is also pet friendly. 

Along with the living space, the couple plans to open the front of the church as the official tasting room for their Two Bitch Bourbon distillery.  For now, they invite Loneliest Road travelers to settle into the historic vacation home and get to know the stories behind the Stone Church Lodge and Eureka’s historic structures—all within walking distance and right around the corner.

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