Reader-submitted photos showcase Silver State through changing themes.

Each issue, we’re giving you a chance to let us see Nevada through your eyes. We’ll pick a theme, and you share your favorite family-friendly photo! We’ll publish as many as we can in our new readers’ gallery. Cellphone shots are fine, but images must be at least 1 megabyte in size. This opportunity doesn’t come with a paycheck, but you could be published in Nevada Magazine! If we choose your photo, we’ll send you a copy of the magazine for bragging rights.

Fall 2021 theme

For our Fall 2021 issue, send us a picture of your favorite Nevada recreation. Get creative!

Email your photo to [email protected] by August 11, 2021. Please submit only one un-watermarked photo. Email subject line must contain “Your Favorite Nevada” to be considered for inclusion in our readers’ gallery. Please include your full name, where your photo was taken, and if not obvious, what your photo is of!

The fine print:

– Photographers retain all copyright to their images. By submitting photography, you hereby agree that your images may be featured on or outlets operated by its affiliates with appropriate photo credit. Please do not submit photos with watermarks, as they will not be considered.
– Photographers are responsible for obtaining permission from any persons in the photo submitted for publication (this is not necessary for photographs of public events). In addition, photographers are responsible for obtaining permission before taking photos on private property.
– In addition, by submitting your photograph, you grant Nevada Magazine the right to publish, distribute, archive, and otherwise use the photograph in whole or in part in print, electronic, or any other medium and for promotional purposes related to Nevada Magazine and Nevada Magazine’s products, services, and issue overruns. Nevada Magazine is a division of the Nevada Division of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, which sometimes uses the magazine’s content.