While virtually the entire town of Virginia City remains true to its early heritage, today’s visitor is now able to connect with the past through the future with the integration of free Wi-Fi. The “VC Visitor” access provides free 24-hour connectivity with a simple email login for visitors in the business district.

“The Virginia City Historic District ensures that the town remains the largest National Historic Landmark in the county. It’s something we are very proud of, and in fact, that’s a key communication point in our marketing and social media efforts. We’re not changing that, we’re enhancing it,” Deny Dotson, tourism director for the Virginia City Tourism Commission, says. “Through the generosity of a locally-based Internet provider, we’re able to offer our visitors a way to connect through their smart phones, tablets or laptops and our mobile app while visiting. As the place that helped establish Nevada, we’re also excited to be one the first towns to offer free Wi-Fi in and around our most popular attractions. While this is an added benefit to our visitors, those that still want to ‘unplug’ can easily do that too.”

With the free Wi-Fi, visitors can also download the “Virginia City, Nevada” mobile app that includes an audio tour of 32 historical landmarks, list of attractions, ability to purchase event tickets and connections to social media. It is available for iOS and Google Play devices.