The Jedi Master Yoda balloon comes to The Great Reno Balloon Race (GRBR) bringing balance to northern Nevada’s sky this Sept. 11-13 at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. Yoda will appear alongside his 86-foot counterpart from the Dark Side, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, for the three-day event. Both balloons will travel from Belgium for the occasion.

“Over the years, the Darth Vader balloon has become an iconic symbol of our event,” says GRBR’s Executive Director Pete Copeland. “It’s not unusual to see our fans evoke the spirit of the Star Wars series by dressing in costume. Last year, we even had a pajama party to encourage our fans to dress in costume. We hope the addition of the Yoda balloon presents another layer of excitement for our fans.”

For three days, these beloved characters will represent the dark and light sides of the Force from northern Nevada’s September sky. For families, these special shapes provide “Stormtroopers in training” the opportunity to meet Lord Vader and young Jedi the opportunity to train with Master Yoda.

As one of northern Nevada’s most celebrated family-friendly events, GRBR offers an experience unlike any other. This year, fans can expect to see upward of 100 balloons and approximately 18 special shaped balloons.