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Sweet Treats & Cool Eats

Savor the sweet delights life brings you—now that’s some solid advice. If you agree, we’ve got some goodies to share. No matter where your travels take you in the Silver State, there’s a delicious treat awaiting you. 
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Tahoe Candy Co.

Gardnerville native Mindy Miller always enjoyed crafting sweets, but when she and her husband Larry became unemployed in 2009 during the recession, she decided it was time to become professional confectioners. Mindy began making honeycomb sweets and her signature Nevada-shaped toffees for local businesses during the holidays, but once clients started asking for candy outside of the season, she knew she was on to something.  
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Basque Delights

The Basque who came to Nevada seeking gold in the 1860s may not have all found riches, but the treasures they brought left an indelible, tasty mark. Many found work as sheepherders, forming communities with fellow Basque immigrants. Others started up boarding houses and kept alive their culture, language, and traditions. One tradition that outsiders came to embrace was the communal dining experience: picture enormous platters of steaks, steaming bowls of savory soup, and abundantly flowing homemade red wine. It's the kind of meal that makes you wish you grew up Basque.