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Walk It Out

I tried to love skiing. I grew up in the mountains and signed up for the cheap ski lessons through my junior high, but I couldn’t get into it. I tried it again in my early ‘20s, thinking maybe my personality had magically changed in the ensuing years, but it’s just not my sport. Still, I couldn’t spend an entire season indoors.  Enter my first pair of snowshoes, a birthday gift I received during my first winter in Nevada. Now, 10 years—and hundreds of stomps—later, I am still using the same gear. Every time I head out, it costs me exactly zero dollars (unless you count gas and the rare occasion I pay for a cross-country course). The zero dollars is not my favorite thing about snowshoeing, but it’s a pretty awesome perk. Another bonus? Snowshoeing has almost no learning curve. If you can walk, you can snowshoe, and the cardio workout is no joke.
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Nevada’s State Parks

One of the lures of Nevada’s wide-open spaces is the ability to find a bit of solitude in a busy world. Sometimes finding that outdoor quiet requires long treks and dirt roads—not that there’s anything wrong with that! But sometimes, that quiet escape can be found just off the highway. No matter your choice, if you’re looking to go where the crowds aren’t, look no further than these naturally socially-distanced state parks.
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Two Wheels and the Open Road

The joy of road biking comes from finding a relatively lightly traveled, but well-maintained strip of asphalt that keeps you spinning through an array of beautiful scenery. In Nevada, the best rides are found where the mountains meet the desert or gentle rangelands abut snow-capped peaks.