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Black History In Nevada

We honor African-Americans, past and present, who have shaped our state. BY MATTHEW B. BROWN On Monday, January 20, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Nevada and the rest of the country. King is the recognizable face and symbol of the mid-1900s civil-rights movement, even making a trip to Las Vegas in 1964 […]

Hammar Time

Former lieutenant governor displays his eclectic collection of Nevada memorabilia. BY ERIC CACHINERO Surrounded by a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, the original vault from the Genoa Courthouse (removed after a fire decimated the town in 1910), and a miniature replica of the Apollo Space Shuttle, Lonnie Hammargren thoroughly enjoys playing tunes on his piano. Technically […]
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Jonesing for Lake Tahoe

Jones-ing for Lake Tahoe Successful brothers share a love of the outdoors and a talent for energizing corporations from a podium. By Matthew B. Brown Dewitt Jones and his younger brother Terry have, in many ways, conquered the world. In his younger years, Dewitt bypassed Harvard Business School to join an adventurous group that kayaked […]