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Zephyr Cove’s family-owned Italian eatery is worth the occasional wait, got it? BY CHARLIE JOHNSTON After several weeks of Nevada Magazine Senior Graphic Designer Danny Miller bragging about how great the handmade “Ravs” at Zephyr Cove’s Capisce? are, I could barely wait for our waitress to set them on the table before digging in to […]
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A Taste of Tuscany

"This is the best part of the whole meal," swoons Julie Mottes between spoonfuls of honey and brittle semifreddo atop Guanaia chocolate fondue. "You should write your story starting with dessert and work backwards." Considering the out-of-this-world-delicious meal we've been enjoying this particular February evening, Mottes' assertion is a bold one, but our dinner companions—Mottes' friend Shari Weinberger and Editor Matthew B. Brown—and I agree: This ranks among the best desserts we've ever tasted.
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License to Distill

Like many Nevadans, George Racz came to the Silver State in pursuit of the American Dream. The Hungarian-born immigrant saw opportunity in the Las Vegas Valley, though it wasn't gold or a huge jackpot he was after; it was a good cocktail. A fine drink wasn't hard to come by in Sin City, but one made with locally distilled spirits was.