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Nevada Twilight Part 2

Local Lore & Mysterious Matters Episode 2: A casino’s riches vanish, a ghostly stickup, and an elusive serpent. BY ERIC CACHINERO Mankind’s natural curiosity for the mysterious and unexplained spans our entire history. Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Will we ever know the identity of Jack the Ripper? How were ancient sites like […]
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Yesterday: Reno’s First Robber Baron

Founding father Myron Lake was a man of vision and avarice, whose toll bridge had Reno citizens both coming and going. Some said he had created a town in order to bleed it. BY GUY LOUIS ROCHA His death was not so deeply de­plored by the community at large as it should have been,” wrote […]
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The Great Train Robbery

HIGHWAYMEN Nevada outlaws conducted the first train robbery in the West. BY ERIC CACHINERO   Just two and a half short years after the Central Pacific Railroad arrived in Reno, an engineer found his forehead on the business end of at least one six-shooter. Rather inconveniently for the engineer, the man whose trembling finger danced […]