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Uncommon Overnighter: Magnolia Gallery & Inn

The "Loneliest Road in America" is anything but, and smack dab in the middle of this famed road trip across Nevada lies the welcoming community of Austin. The town sprang to life during a silver mining rush in the 1860s, and the Austin of today features stately 19th-century buildings, intriguing historic sites, and access to remarkable outdoor recreation. Take advantage of everything the area has to offer and let the charming Magnolia Gallery & Inn serve as your adventure basecamp.
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Uncommon Overnighter: Yellow Petal Flower Farm

Just an hour east of Reno on U.S. Route 50—you might know it by its nickname, the Loneliest Road in America—is the town of Fallon. It, too, has a nickname, thanks to its nearby naval air station: Top Gun. Pilots come to this small town to hone their aviation skills. Tucked just 10 minutes outside of town is the Yellow Petal Flower Farm, which has no other name but would still be as sweet if it did.
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Uncommon Overnighter: Stone Church Lodge

Have you heard the good news? Eureka has a new Uncommon Overnighter and it’s a revelation. The Stone Church Lodge is housed in an old Methodist church built in 1881 using native stone. The building served as a church until 1900, housed a few revivals in the 1920s, then sat vacant, praying for a comeback. In the 1980s, a master craftsman turned a portion of the building into a living space complete with ornate and intricate woodwork.