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Historically First

The importance of women to Nevada’s history is well documented and irrefutable. From Sarah Winnemucca to Helen Stewart, Hanna Clapp to Felice Cohn, the sisters of the Silver State left their own indelible stamp on the face of Nevada. While many women have made their mark, a select few were the first to do so in their respective fields. These women—and to be sure, there are many others—helped pave the way for more women to enter the workforce and seek positions that had been previously dominated by men. These leading ladies took the chance to go where no woman had gone before, and for that, they are our favorite firsts.
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Yesterday: Driving Into History

In 1909 pioneer motorist Alice Ramsey took an automobile, and women drivers, a long way. BY PHILLIP I. EARL This story first appeared in the April 1992 issue of Nevada Magazine.    Three quarters of a century ago, women drivers were viewed not only as a danger to themselves and others but also as a […]
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The Petticoat Prospectors

The Petticoat Prospectors Looking back: The little-known history of female miners in the Silver State BY TERRY SPRENGER-FARLEY “We do not see any reason why women should not engage in mining as well as men. If they can rock a cradle, they can run a car; if they can wash and scrub, they can pick […]