Downtown arts district adds to its eclectic mix of artists and businesses.

Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman and Art Square Las Vegas developer Brett Wesley Sperry create spontaneous action painting with squirt guns on October 22, 2012 to inaugurate the development’s opening.

Las Vegas’ downtown revitalization continues to gain steam. The latest addition by developer, entrepreneur, and longtime downtown advocate Brett Wesley Sperry is Art Square Las Vegas.

Art Square comprises three remodeled buildings and an open-air Art Garden. Featuring sustainable woods, brick, exposed high ceilings, and abundant natural light, the development offers an open, organic feeling designed to inspire creative and dynamic business owners.

Art Square is home to 16 creative, retail, and professional spaces, including: Art Square Theatre, Artifice Bar & Lounge, Cockroach Productions, Art Square Studio, Josephine Skaught Salon, COLAB, OogOog Productions, Ryan Williams Gallery, HypeFactor Films, GBX3 Studio, Mingo Kitchen & Lounge, Vexed by Design, and First Street Art Garden featuring works by local artists Eric Burwell, Sharon Gainsburg, Luis Varela-Rico, Giovanni Morales, and Randy Doering.

“We’re witnessing a genuine coming of age in Las Vegas right now,” says Sperry, who founded the gaming company Westwood Studios in 1985. “Art Square is designed to feed off the city’s cultural resurgence and its downtown renaissance—and help ensure it continues. I want to foster a nurturing atmosphere for our creative class and an inviting one for all who seek to expose themselves to something new and inspiring.”

Art Square is Sperry’s third project to open in the arts district in three years. In 2009, Brett Wesley Design Group completed Brett Wesley Gallery, the district’s first freestanding contemporary art gallery. In spring 2011, BWDG completed the design of and launched Artifice Bar & Lounge.

Sperry has resided in Las Vegas since 1980. He continues to be an avid photographer, designer, developer, and supporter of Las Vegas’ local art scene.

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