January – February 2013

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Reno’s Grand Central

Train stations are buildings to revere and remark upon. An exceptional station reminds passengers that sometimes the destination can be as important as the journey. Unlike airports, the great railroad stations embody grandeur, not grandiosity. Their names alone can evoke memories—Grand Central, Waterloo, Gare du Nord. And in Nevada, Reno. ... read more

Land Sailing in Nevada

Nevada has many claims to fame, and you can add one more to the list: land sailing. In fact, I was interested to learn recently that the Silver State is arguably the premier land-sailing destination in the United States. ... read more

Tahoe Lobster Company

The story of the Tahoe Lobster Company begins with the first written introduction of signal crayfish in 1895: 19 males and 31 females in Marlette Lake. Since Marlette feeds into Lake Tahoe, the crayfish had no problem getting well established in both Nevada lakes. ... read more

Pronghorn Antelope

Pronghorn are the fastest land animals in North America. Adults have been clocked at 55 mph and may reach 60 mph for short spurts. They are considered the second-fastest land animal behind cheetahs; however, they can sustain high speeds longer than the big cats. ... read more

The Quaints of DeQuille

Reaching a daily circulation of more than 15,000 copies, Virginia City's Territorial Enterprise was at one time the largest newspaper west of the Mississippi River. Readers of this Nevada publication were treated to the prose and tales of famous journalist and author Samuel Clemens, who used the legendary nom de plume of Mark Twain. But another Enterprise reporter, renowned for his gymnastic vocabulary and whom some considered to be a better writer even than Twain, was William Wright. ... read more

Discovery Kids

New Children’s Museum set to open soon in downtown Las Vegas. By Charlie Johnston I was quickly won over by Las Vegas' Lied Discovery Children's Museum when I visited the facility in late 2011 while researching the feature "Southern Nevada Museums" for the January/February 2012 issue of Nevada Magazine. The exhibits were varied, engaging, ... read more

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