A Family Affair

Jamie J. Clark, husband Stephen Garnett, and daughter Michael. Jamie uses a Nikon D300s with a 24-70mm lens to document her adventures throughout Nevada.


It’s hard to know what might bring a group of people together; sometimes it’s celebrating a family bond, other times it’s sharing a passion for a place or event. For us, going to A Night in the Country brings both of those together in one amazing event that we look forward to all year long.

A group of us from Nevada get together each year, about 20 in total; some have been going for about eight years; my husband Stephen and I have been going for three, and we’re pretty sure our daughter Michael—well—started there! One of my greatest memories of A Night in the Country is dancing in the aisles at the concerts with my dear friends Jessica Bell and Kristi Glover; these ladies are two of the biggest reasons we go each year. Other memories are just snippets of events or the little things that bring the color of this event alive for me, as a participant and as a photographer: muddy irrigation ditches, makeshift pickup-truck-bed pools, wide-mouthed canning jars as fine drinking glasses, and cowboy boots and hats … lots of boots and hats.

Last year, Stephen and I entered the Mr. & Mrs. Night in the Country photo contest; we included Michael because it only seemed logical, as she will always be a part of the event for us.

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