Need a little pampering? Me Time is calling, and we have the answers. 

Vacations can get easily crammed full of activities and things to see and do. While there’s a time for doing the mad dash, there’s also room for slowing things down and spending a little quality time with that most important person: you. There are as many spas in Nevada as there are colors in our sunsets, so consider these mentions as just a taste of what awaits. 

Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center & Spa


The oldest hot spring resort in the state— established in 1857—once enticed wagon-weary pioneers with its hot, mineral-packed waters. Upon visiting, Mark Twain named the property after the area’s geothermal groans which reminded him of the sound of a Steamboat chugging along the Mississippi River. Today, Steamboat offers dreamy soaks in both outdoor and private-room tubs, steam baths, and a whole menu of massage therapy services on a historic property. 

Steamboat Hot Springs is not your typical resort hot spring by a long shot. Visitors consult with staff who are expertly trained in a variety of wellness practices, ranging from Ayurveda to Sonatherapy. 

Qua Baths & Spa

Las Vegas

It makes perfect sense that royal Roman baths are a prime feature of Caesars Palace. Do as the Romans did and harness the healing powers of water while surrounded by beauty and tranquility. 

For full health benefits, follow the ancients who practiced the cycle of hot baths with cold plunges. At Qua, that takes the form of the Arctic Ice Room, where temps of 55 degrees accompany snow falling from the ceiling for the ultimate cool experience. While that might not sound cold, imagine it after a 100-plus degree sauna or steam room visit. 

David Walley’s Resort


Surrounded by the picturesque views of the Sierra Nevada, David Walley’s Resort offers the perfect simple getaway. Since its inception almost 160 years ago, the resort has offered the ultimate relaxation experience thanks to its mineral-rich waters. Not a traditional spa, but trust us, the self-care is real here. 

Hot spring enthusiasts will be delighted to find a large, heated swimming pool and five separate mineral spas with temperatures ranging from 98 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The geothermal water that is funneled into these hot springs is naturally produced from the Earth’s mantle and filtered and cycled every two-three hours. 

Spa Atlantis


Reno’s only Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa is known for its luxurious and decadent body treatments that run the gamut from exotic cleansing rituals to rejuvenating brine-inhalation light therapy sessions. Facials, massages, and everything in between are ready to help shake off the stress of the day (or the week!) for good. 

Spa Atlantis offers a multitude of couples’ experiences that will make that bonding time even more relaxing. Couple’s massages, pedicures, facials, and soaks can be booked, and isn’t love worth a little indulgence now and then?

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