Spring 2023

In this issue, we’ll take you to a castle in the desert, follow the trail of how Nevada’s wealth went from dirt to dollars, take a delicious road trip through Southern Nevada, and step into a mansion at Lake Tahoe you have to see to believe. Not enough for you?? Well, that’s fine, because we always have more! Take a visit with us to a Sagebrush Saloon that boasts one of our best views, discover why all-you-can-eat sushi can be found across the Battle Born State, learn about our state fossil and see one of our best-preserved ghost towns at one state park, and discover why in spring, Nevada is the perfect place to watch for our feathered friends. Enjoy!
Issue Cover Spring 2023

What’s Inside

Sushi: Roll Call

Sushi is something of a Nevada specialty. This might sound surprising, given that the nearest wharf is some 150 miles away, but it’s true. The Silver State is home to some of the best sushi around with daily offerings as fresh as you’d find in any oceanside community. Best of all, amazing sushi restaurants are found all across Nevada, not just in our metropolitan areas.    ... read more

Both Sides of the Coin

Las Vegas is for everybody. Yes, Lamborghini escorts and palatial suites await high rollers, but $19.99 buffets and pinball arcades can be just as nice. There are plenty of lavish—if impractical—options worth gawking at, but this desert metropolis also offers some fantastic value for your dollar. Which is the better option? That’s up for you to decide.  ... read more

Legendary Nevadans: Howard Hughes

Who was Howard Hughes? He is remembered as the billionaire who spent much of his late life in near isolation. His demand for privacy is the stuff of legend. When he stayed in hotel rooms, adjacent rooms were also rented, and blankets were draped over all windows. Even employees rarely—if ever—saw him, and most communication was done by phone.  But above all, Hughes was a shrewd capitalist. To best understand this, look no further than the four years he spent in Las Vegas.   ... read more

The Need For Speed

While Nevada is home to serious outdoor splendor, not all recreation is found on hiking trails and mountain tops. For those looking for something with a little more gas, there are racetrack adventures waiting to be found.  ... read more

Ahhhh ... It's A Spa Day

Vacations can get easily crammed full of activities and things to see and do. While there’s a time for doing the mad dash, there’s also room for slowing things down and spending a little quality time with that most important person: you. There are as many spas in Nevada as there are colors in our sunsets, so consider these mentions as just a taste of what awaits.  ... read more

The Final Word: Ashley Frey

Read our chat with Ashley Frey, cofounder (along with her husband Colby) and chief storyteller of Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers in Fallon.    ... read more

Rural Wranglers: Mesquite

The Old Spanish Trail was—by 1800s standards—a superhighway for traders, settlers, and explorers. Rather than being one route, the trail was a network of roads stringing together far-flung communities of the American Southwest from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. However, no matter which direction folks traveled, all paths converged in the verdant Virgin River Valley through what is now Mesquite. ... read more

Find Your Flock

Six prime hotspots for watching feathered friends. Nevada’s vast landscape holds many secrets, not the least of which is its popularity with birds. While it may come as a surprise to some, the number of recorded bird species visiting, breeding, or living in the state is a whopping 488. Hundreds of thousands of birds following the north-to-sout ... read more

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Nye County is a big place. If it were a state, it would be the 42nd largest—twice the size of Massachusetts. In addition to wide-open ranges and countless miles of dirt road, this slice of the American West is home to one of the state’s most remote and scenic attractions: Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park. ... read more

Thunderbird Lodge

Thunderbird Lodge is a sight to behold. Even from the parking lot, visitors can’t help but snap photos of the manor nestled amid pine trees and car-sized boulders. The summer home of a Depression-era millionaire, Thunderbird Lodge is lavish and remote. It is also a place of many secrets that, when revealed, help paint a picture of the mysterious man who built it.  ... read more

The Great Silver State Way

Making a trip to see a Broadway play in a large city often comes with jaw-dropping sticker shock. First are the ticket prices themselves, the cost of which could rival the gross national product of a healthy micronation. Then you’ll need to factor in transportation, parking, dinner/drinks, and hotel stays. Bottom line: You might need to take out a small loan to enjoy “Hadestown” or “Hamilton” in New York City or San Francisco. And this is one of the many reasons Nevada is becoming an alternate—and sometimes, far more enticing—destination for a Broadway experience. ... read more

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