The Great Nevada Picture Hunt is now underway! Please read the rules before you submit, and good luck!

Submit your images at the bottom of this page. DO NOT EMAIL THEM AS IN YEARS PAST – THOSE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The deadline to enter is Friday, June 30, 2024, 5 p.m. Pacific time.

We recommend uploading files that are under 3 mb for greatest success. We will contact you for higher-resolution images if you are a winner or runner-up.


Photographers may submit up to 12 images this year: two images for each category. 

1. Landscapes
There can be people, animals, or buildings in your landscapes, but the focus should primarily be on Nevada’s wide open spaces.

2. Waterscapes
Rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, waterfalls–anywhere you find water in Nevada, we want to see it.

3. People
Nevada is full of amazing characters. We’re not looking for professionally-lit and staged photos here (although you’re welcome to submit those–maybe we’ll be surprised), we’re looking for photos of people who know Nevada’s awesome, and help make it that way.

4. Birds
Did you know that Nevada has nearly 500 species of birds either living here or migrating through regularly? That being the case, we have separated birds out from the Wildlife category this year.

5. Wildlife
The Silver State is teeming with wildlife. Show us the wild-n-wonderful from your Nevada adventures. Emphasis on “wild”–no domestic animals like sheep, cows, dogs, etc. 

6. Cities/Towns
Big, small, ghost–show us the cities or towns you love in Nevada.


• No age restrictions – anyone can enter.

• Cell phone photos are allowed.

• Minimal digital photo manipulation/alteration is accepted. *Please see below for an expanded description.

• Photos must have been taken in Nevada, in 2020 or later.

• Please do not watermark or indicate your name physically on your images. Doing so may disqualify your submission.

• Drone photos must have been taken while observing all state and FAA rules and regulations. If your drone photo is chosen as a winner, we will request proof of your (or your Remote Pilot-In-Command’s) part 107 certification.

• Photographers retain all copyright to their images. By submitting photography to this contest, you hereby agree that your images may be featured on or outlets operated by its affiliates with appropriate photo credit. In addition, by submitting your photograph, you grant Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide the right to publish, distribute, archive, and otherwise use the photograph in whole or in part in print, electronic, or any other medium and for promotional purposes related to Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide and its products, services, and issue overruns. Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide is a product of Travel Nevada, a division of the Nevada Division of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, which sometimes uses the magazine’s content.

• We prefer digital submissions. If necessary, mail thumb drives to: Attn: Kippy Spilker/GNPH, Nevada Magazine, 401 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89701. Mail must be postmarked by deadline. 

• We will keep all thumb drives unless you tell us otherwise. You grant Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide, Travel Nevada, and Nevada Division of Tourism & Cultural Affairs permission to consider your images for future use.

* As Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide is dedicated to promoting tourism in our state, it is our intention to represent the state as it actually looks. We prefer that digital editing be used to create the image you saw while you were taking the photo, and be limited to minimal amounts of: Burning, dodging, exposure and color adjustments, cropping, stitching (in the case of panoramas), and HDR processing. You may edit out sensor dust spots, but cloning should not be used to add, remove, replace or otherwise falsely represent any scene. Composite images are allowed, but must be comprised of photos taken at the same time (ie – don’t combine a photo taken at noon with a photo taken at sunset) for the purpose of exposure stacking. Please contact Art Director Kippy Spilker at [email protected] with any questions regarding your submissions.

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