Travel Nevada shares some of its favorite meals from around the state. 

Montage of food: Salad with onions and mandarin oranges, chicken tacos with rice, burger with jalapenos, and strawberry creme dessert
Strawberry custard creme ©Nancy Munoz


We’re not trying to brag, but as a group, the staff of Travel Nevada really gets around the Silver State. We log countless miles each year traversing the state in search of all the best Nevada has to offer so we can share it with you. During our travels, we’ve had our fair share of meals and decided to spill the tea on some of our favorite places. What follows is by no means all our favorites or meant to be a comprehensive list of Nevada’s great dining options. Without further ado, we present the places Travel Nevada and Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide staff love to eat! 

Barbecue on a bun with a beer in the background
Smokin’ J’s BBQ


Marketing Manager Keelie Cox chose Smokin J’s BBQ. “They have tasty food and a great drink selection to refuel after a long day of exploring Death Valley National Park. Creative Director Susan Mowers seconded that motion. “Who knew such a beautiful little restaurant existed in Beatty? The food was delicious, but more than that, I loved sitting out on the front porch on a perfect Nevada blue-skies day to watch the city mosey on by.”

Gangster fries: Bowl of french fries with garlic aioli, parmesan, and chives on top
Gangster fries at The Dillinger


Front of The Dillinger restaurant, with tables and chairs. The tables have bullets encased in them and the front door handles are two shotguns.The Dillinger topped Chief Marketing Officer Caroline Sexton’s list. “This is a new favorite! Located in the historic Bank of Nevada building, the shotgun door handles and ammo-filled tabletops are so fun and the perfect nod to the restaurant’s namesake, John Dillinger. It’s American-style dining with super creative menu items. My go-to is the sticky fingers burger and the gangster fries.”

A piece of fish with a spinach salad that has sliced strawberries, crumbled cheese and blood orange vinaigrette dressing on the side
Salad with blood orange vinaigrette at Side Track Café


Side Track Café was a favorite of many voters. Here’s Destination Development Manager  Cortney Bloomer’s take: “This place stands out in rural Nevada for its delicious and generously sized dinner salads. While they also offer tasty pizzas, burgers, and pasta, the salads are what keeps me coming back. My favorite is the summer salad with chicken, but whatever salad you pick, get it with the blood orange vinaigrette.” 

A bowl with beef and chopped salad, with french fries in the background
Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint


Content Development Director Megg Mueller called out Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint. “This place never disappoints. The menu is full of fresh, homemade items that have a distinct twist you won’t find anywhere else. Eclectic is the perfect descriptor. I almost always come back to the Asian chicken tacos with the heavenly sticky coconut rice, but I’ve never had a bad meal there.”

Thai yellow curry soup with chicken, boiled egg, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, onion, and cilantro
Pink Elephant Kitchen

Inside of Pink Elephant restaurant, with ordering counter, menu, and hand-made teapot windchimes for sale. A customer is placing an order.“My go-to lunch spot is the Pink Elephant Kitchen,” Fulfillment & Customer Service Specialist Carrie Roussel notes. “From pad thai to curry dishes, and spring rolls, mango sticky rice, and soups, their homemade offerings blend techniques from Thailand and Japan to create organic, super fresh, and delicious choices.”

Breakfast sandwich with ham, egg, avocado, and lettuce, on a croissant
Breakfast sandwich ©McAdoo’s


McAdoo’s hits the spot for Chief Communications Officer Tracie Barnthouse. “The breakfast sandwich on a croissant is absolutely delicious. I try to go every time I’m in town.”  

California omelet on a plate, with fried potato, avocado, salsa, and fruit
California omelet at Courtyard Café and Bakery

Countertop with baked goods: cupcakes, cake pops, and cookiesFALLON

Another name that came up repeatedly was the Courtyard Café and Bakery. We’ll let Creative Manager Kippy Spilker fill you in: “The food is beautifully presented and, most importantly, absolutely delicious. Try the turkey & apple sandwich or club sandwich with house salad for lunch, or the California omelet with homemade toast for breakfast. If you can make it past the freshly baked goodies lining the counters on your way out, you’re stronger than I am!”

Monster burger on a plate on a countertop: Two hamburgers stacked atop one another with a third bun in the middle, with tomato, pickle, and onion. Top bun has a pepperoncini for a nose, and two onion rings with toothpics stuck through them and olives in the middle for eyes. Plate also has a pile of french fries.
Monster burger at Middlegate Station

Associate Editor Cory Munson, eating a Monster Burger: Two hamburgers stacked atop one another with a third bun in the middle, with tomato, pickle, and onion. Top bun has a pepperoncini for a nose, and two onion rings with toothpics stuck through them and olives in the middle for eyes. Plate also has a pile of french fries.HIGHWAY 50

Associate Editor Cory Munson picked the famous roadside diner found halfway between Fallon and Austin. “For being in the middle of nowhere, something is always happening at Middlegate Station. It’s like an airport terminal, except the food is a lot cheaper. On my last visit, I met Swedes, Chileans, and a Japanese couple who were all chowing down on some good old greasy spoon fare. But the reason I’m picking Middlegate is because that’s where I experienced the proudest moment of my life when I completed their 4-pound monster burger food challenge and won a T-shirt.”

A man in a hat ladles soup into his bowl from a larger bowl sitting on the table. The restaurant is decorated for Christmas.

The outside of J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room, at night. Lit up and decorated for Christmas.GARDNERVILLE

Deputy Director Mary Ellen Kawchack’s pick was easy. “I love the J.T. Basque Bar & Dining Room. Going there is also a holiday tradition; the lights and comfort food feel like Christmas to me.”

A double-patty hamburger with french fries, on gray-checkered paper.
Burger and fries ©Pepper’s Place

A house-trailer sized restaurant painted red, with people sitting at picnic tables outside, eating. HAWTHORNE

“My favorite has to be Pepper’s Place,” Digital Content Specialist Ali Anderson says. “The burgers and fries are just *chef’s kiss.* I also love that you can sit outside and take in the mountains. The owner is so sweet and provides great conversation! So, in total: great food, great scenery, great conversation—a win all around.”

Burgers with chips, chili, tacos, and Italian sodas sitting on a table, with a metal cutout of a bighorn sheep on a rock in the window, and Walker Lake in the background, across the road.
Burgers, chili, tacos, and Italian sodas at The Bighorn Crossing

The front of Bighorn Crossing, with a metal sculpture of a dragon out front, and metal sculpture of two bighorn sheep fighting, off to the side. There are tables and chairs out front as well.Another spot on Ali’s list: The Bighorn Crossing in Walker Lake. “The experience begins in the parking lot where you are greeted by incredible outdoor art sculptures. As you walk in, you can’t miss the disco balls hanging from the ceiling mixed with the beautiful modern décor. I must recommend ordering one of their Italian sodas and a burger. The cherry on top? Plopping down at a table by the window and taking in the million-dollar views of Walker Lake.”

A plate with a bowl of matzoh ball chicken soup and an everything bagel beside it.
Matzoh ball soup at Bagel Café ©Nancy Munoz
A plate with a piled-high turkey sandwich with lettuce, onions, and tomato. Pickle and coleslaw on the side.
Turkey sandwich at Bagel Café ©Nancy Munoz


Content Development Manager Rachel Wright quickly called out The Bagel Café. “The menu is classic deli favorites and a true testament that simple doesn’t mean flavorless. My go-to is the turkey sandwich with extra pickles. I don’t know how Bagel Café makes their pickles, but I love them! The matzoh ball soup tastes like it has legit healing powers, the potato knish is packed with flavor, and you won’t be able to leave without grabbing goodies from the overloaded bakery case.” 

Chicken and shrimp fajita platters on a table, with a side plate of rice and beans and salad.
Fajitas ©Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant


Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant had a special place in Caroline’s heart. “This is an old classic for me. Growing up in Mesquite, it was a staple for birthdays or when anyone came into town for a visit. I especially love the fried ice cream.”

A double-patty burger with cheese, onion, tomato, and lettuce
Royce Burger Bar ©Asa Gilmore


“I love Royce Burger Bar!” proclaims Francine Burge, Public Relations Manager for the Department of Tourism & Cultural Affairs. “I can see them from my office window. When I see the steam is coming from the chimney, I know they could be making one for me.”

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