We asked our readers to decide their favorite finalist photos.

As we mention each year, choosing the winners for the Great Nevada Picture Hunt is a daunting task. While we struggled with choosing our winners, we found ourselves wondering what images you, our readers, would choose, so we decided to give you a chance to let us know!

In late 2020, our readers voted for their favorite runners-up in each category, and we’ve compiled the winners below. Enjoy!

Jackie Gorton, People/Portrait: “4 year old Tanner is hanging out on his horse, learning from mom, dad, grandpa, family, and friends how to manage all of the ranch activities during branding season. I wish I knew what he was thinking while he had that cute little grin on his face. His mom says he was probably thinking up some sort of mischief to get into!” ©Jackie Gorton
Neil Lockhart, Events: “This photo was taken in preparation to time lapse the super glow show in 2019. I had no intention of doing anything with it as it was just a test shot for exposure and composition. The flight ended up not happening due to wind, but I still had my test shot.” ©Neil Lockhart
Justin Pulsipher, Cell/Mobile: “It was one of the rare foggy days in southern Nevada as I was passing through Searchlight for work. I was marveling as I drove at how the Joshua trees just disappeared into the distance as fog obscured them, so I pulled over and stomped around in the mud for about an hour hunting for a photogenic Joshua tree with the right arrangement of trees in the background to show off the obfuscation created by the fog.” ©Justin Pulsipher
Youri Ardenoy, Wildlife: “While hiking on the Redstone Dune Loop Trail in Lake Mead, we decided to climb on top of a few sandstone rocks to enjoy the scenery when we heard hissing from in between the rocks. I used my zoom lens and was able to take this shot.” ©Youri Ardenoy
Marie Nygren, Landscape, tie vote: “I explored the secluded sand dunes on the east shore of Walker Lake. My affinity for the beauty of the desert sand patterns inspired me to trek hours across the terrain, which constantly provided an invitation to photograph markings in different landscape composites. This image is sand against the turquoise green backdrop of the lake. It was midafternoon and peaceful, after a morning of stormy unrest, still slightly reflected in the sky and water.” (This photo was also chosen first place in this category in the GNPH contest.) ©Marie Nygren
Kirk Nix, Landscape, tie vote: “This photo was taken while on a day trip to Valley of Fire State Park with visiting relatives. This 5-minute light show took our breath away.” ©Kirk Nix
Jenna Garrison (age 16), Under 18: “While exploring some hidden hiking trails with my friends, we stumbled upon this beautiful little pond. The water was so still you could see the reflection of the clouds perfectly. That was when I decided to lay down in the grass and snap this photo.” (This photo was also chosen first place in this category in the GNPH contest.) ©Jenna Garrison
Jordan Thomas, Long Exposure: “This lightning picture was taken over the Sonoma Range outside of Winnemucca. It was a crazy night with the sunset, a huge rainbow, and lightning all around! I have watched a lot of Nevada lightning storms and I had never seen anything as incredible as this one.” ©Jordan Thomas
Michael McCook, Cities/Towns: “For many years I’ve wanted to capture a shot of the moon over the Luxor. After scouting out several locations I realized the upper parking garage at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport had the perfect angle. The super “snow” moon in February 2020 turned out to be the perfect moon.” ©Michael McCook
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