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Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs

Hunting can be difficult; then factor in logistics, travel, practice, preparation, cost of gear, scouting, and buck fever. Not to mention animals are incredibly well adapted to the environment and have been outsmarting predators for all of history. All of this compounded can be intimidating to hunters, but especially those with disabilities who rely upon a wheelchair for mobility. The prospect doesn’t have to be intimidating, however, thanks to a group of Nevada volunteers who make it their mission to bring accessible hunting to people in wheelchairs. Each year, Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs (NOW) brings an all-inclusive hunting experience to a handful of lucky applicants. The group provides the hunt of a lifetime in Nevada, and couples the experience with adventure, education, and a whole lot of surprises. ... read more

Boom Town: Changing Las Vegas

“If you build it, they will come.” Lifting a line from the 1989 baseball film classic “Field of Dreams” is fitting when talking about Downtown Las Vegas these days. Especially when it comes to sports-loving Derek Stevens, a Fremont Street titan who in October 2020 opened Circa Resort & Casino, an adults-only resort and the first newly constructed property to be built in Downtown Las Vegas in four decades.  ... read more

Singing Sands

Screaming. Roaring. Whistling. Squeaking. Singing. All can be used to describe the sounds of Sand Mountain’s sands. I travel to experience this puzzling, impressive, natural phenomenon, some 30 miles east of Fallon, along Highway 50, where the expansive mountain is located. ... read more

Your Favorite Nevada Rock

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. We’ll pick a theme (see above) and let our readers lead the way! We asked to see your favorite rock, and well, we weren’t quite sure what we’d get, but boy did you come through! From giant slabs to visions that defy description, Nevada has got some seriously sweet stones. ... read more

2020 Great Nevada Picture Hunt - Your Choice

As we mention each year, choosing the winners for the Great Nevada Picture Hunt is a daunting task. While we struggled with choosing our winners, we found ourselves wondering what images you, our readers, would choose, so we decided to give you a chance to let us know! In late 2020, our readers voted for their favorite runners-up in each category, and we’ve compiled the winners below. Enjoy! ... read more

Ferris’ Fantastic Wheel

The 500-foot tall, 520-foot in diameter High Roller—located on The Las Vegas Strip—is the World's Largest Observation Wheel. It features 28 glass-enclosed cabins, travels one foot per second, takes 30 minutes for a complete revolution, features more than 2,000 LED lights and 112 cables, and runs parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard. The Strip superstar was built at a cost of $300 million by Caesar's Entertainment.  ... read more

An Ode to the Desert Jackass

Reno and Sparks; the sage and the pine; picons and more picons—Nevada has indeed churned out the most inseparable of dynamic duos. Both in legend and reality, however, indisputably no more inseparable pair exists than the desert silver miner of the 19th century and his oft-plodding desert jackass. ... read more

Belvada Hotel: Building History One Room at a Time

Way back in days of yore there was this legendary building in a historic mining town that begged to be visited. It stood sentinel, high in the desert hills, doors shuttered for decades, with its secrets locked forever inside. It once housed the riches of miners, the homes of families, and eventually, their faded memories. I can barely recall when I first learned of this forgotten treasure…it’s been so many years now. I believe it was 2018, if memory serves. ... read more

Headwaters of the Amargosa

The Amargosa is one of the world’s longest underground rivers. For 185 miles, it flows largely unseen through parts of southern Nevada and southeastern California, except where it occasionally surfaces to create ecologically rich oases. ... read more

Esther's Kitchen

Walking into Esther’s Kitchen right before dinner service begins in the 18b Arts District of Las Vegas, one is struck immediately with a sense of community. The staff is finishing a wine tasting. They are sampling the latest additions to the ever-changing menu in an affable, almost familial scene. But it’s more than that. Even the walk up to the restaurant along Casino Center Boulevard has a community feel that differs from three years ago when Esther’s Kitchen first opened. ... read more

Pinocchio's Bar & Grill Serves What Northern Nevada Needs

Family dinners are something many of us have a memory of—a meal where everyone gathers around the table, all talking at once, sharing jokes and stories full of laughter and connection. It’s a meal that is equal parts delicious, engaging, and memorable. Now, take that meal and locate in an eccentric family member’s house, you know the one who has a crazy fun collection of memorabilia and whimsy lining the walls—with a story for most of it—and you’re getting close to the experience of dining at Pinocchio’s Bar & Grill. ... read more

Take the Road Less Traveled

“I go down every road there is, just to see what’s around the bend.” –From “Around the Bend”  by blues guitarist Joe Bonamassa “Take the road less traveled” is a familiar slogan, but I doubt that it fits anywhere better than the state of Nevada. It could easily be said that “real Nevada starts where the pavement ends.” With thousands of backcountry roads to explore, Nevada travelers could easily never stop searching to find out what spectacular sight is waiting around the bend. ... read more

Yesterday: Towards Outer Space

If this civilization should vanish in a holocaust that consumes all the records as well as the people, as some gloomy citizens are wont to predict, archeologists of the future may well wonder what crazy species of earth­worm once inhabited the southeastern corner of Nye County. ... read more

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