Get ready to discover the work of talented photographers who have captured the soul of this state. This year was one of the toughest for Nevada Magazine & Visitor Guide to select a winner and runner-up of eight categories: the submissions were phenomenal. 

Do you have a piece of Nevada you want to show off? Don’t hesitate to send in your photo to next year’s Great Nevada Picture Hunt.

GRAND PRIZE, Marylou Schindler

“I was in Washoe Valley as the snow was coming down heavily. I stopped at a favorite local barn and was taking ordinary snapshots. All at once, the wind came up and blew all the snow off the trees and shed. It was beautiful—I just love the peaceful and cozy feeling it evokes.” Pixel 6 Pro, 1/640s, f/3.5, ISO 37 ©Marylou Schindler


EVENTS, 1st place, Jackie Gorton

“The balloons were launched in Gardnerville. It was a perfect—not windy—morning. With the colorful balloons, the valley was even more stunning than normal.” Nikon D850, 1/800s, f/13, ISO 400 ©Jackie Gorton

EVENTS, runner up, Nancy Florence

“What better place to be for Christmas than on The Comstock with thousands of LED lights? This photo of Engine 29 was taken at the 1870 Virginia & Truckee Railroad Depot.” Nikon D850, 1/640sec, f/2, ISO 1000 ©Nancy Florence

MOBILE/CELL, 1st place, Clayton Peoples

“This gorgeous canyon at Valley of Fire State Park has smooth walls and rock colored in pastel pink and orange. The light was almost perfect, and there were beautiful, wispy cirrus clouds gracing the sky.” iPhone, 1/120s, f/2.4, ISO 80 ©Clayton Peoples

MOBILE/CELL, runner-up, Marie Nygren

“I walked across the dry lakebed at Lahontan Reservoir, and the mud formations looked like cobblestones on a European street. The light from the sun left a last golden blaze before slipping over the horizon.” iPhone, 1/120s, f/1.8, ISO 100 ©Marie Nygren

LANDSCAPE, 1st place, Vijay Moorthy

“Outside Genoa, the clouds built up as the day progressed and added a dimension that rendered a beautiful evening scene. Seeing the path meander its way through the colorful windswept grass and brush, the words ‘nature’s easel’ popped into my head.” Canon 5DSR, 1/250s, f/6.3, ISO 640 ©Vijay Moorthy

LANDSCAPE, runner-up, Michele Barney

“Our family went on a walk outside Elko when the wildflowers were in full bloom. As we walked over a small rise, my gaze followed the contour of the road, which perfectly landed at the base of a lonely mountain.” Samsung S20, 1/2700s, F/1.8, ISO 40 ©Michele Barney

PEOPLE, 1st place, Candace Merlino

“I got up early to get some shots of my brother-in-law and his assistant Tess working around the ranch at Fish Lake. Tess was coming to get a horse, and as she walked toward me, dust was floating in the air and the sun made its appearance.” Sony Alpha a7R iii, 1/5000s, f/3.2, ISO 2000 ©Candace Merlino

PEOPLE, runner-up, Jackie Gorton

“This little cowboy is Tanner. This was taken in the heart of Carson Valley at one of the 100+ year old ranches. I got this shot as he headed out to catch his horse in the adjoining pasture.” Nikon D850, 1/1000s, f/5.6, ISO 400 ©Jackie Gorton

WILDLIFE, 1st place, Marylou Schindler

“Summer 2021 was dry and also the worst for smoke because of all the wildfires, but it made for great backgrounds. This band of wild horses came running to Washoe Lake, and I was fortunate to catch the beautiful ref lections as they ran through the water.” Canon 90D, 1/8000s, F/2.8, ISO 800 ©Marylou Schindler

WILDLIFE, runner-up, Tami Force

“When the bighorn sheep arrived at Walker Lake, I headed out to photograph the little ones. They were so fun to watch; they spent their time nursing, playing, and sleeping.” Canon T6 Rebel, 1/200s, f/10 ©Tami Force

GHOST TOWNS, 1st place, Marie Nygren

“I was successful in finding the Poinsettia Mine on a bluebird day in May. The sign created an interesting foreground with the structures nestled behind and the hills scattered with mine tailings in the distance.” Canon EOS 6D, 1/400s, f/9, ISO 100 ©Marie Nygren

GHOST TOWNS, runner-up, Tami Force

“As soon as I saw pictures of the beautiful native quarried stone at the Park Canyon mill, it moved to the top of my list to visit for my website Nevada Ghost Towns & Beyond. The La Plata Mining Company built the mill in 1867, but it operated for only two years.” Canon 90D, 1/320s, f/11, ISO 400 ©Tami Force

CITIES/TOWNS, 1st place, Jackie Gorton

“This was taken at the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. I encourage everyone to visit the 100-acre park, which overlooks the town.” Nikon D850, 10 sec, f/5.6, ISO 1600 ©Jackie Gorton

CITIES/TOWNS, runner-up, Melody Hoover

“I captured this photo from the hills above Virginia City on a cold, cloudy winter day. I drove as high as I could, walked a short distance up a trail, and was rewarded with this shot.” Nikon D600, 1/250s, f/7.1, ISO 400 ©Melody Hoover

UNDER 18, 1st place, Kaleigh Taylor

“I took this picture of Dock 6 band members at the Jim Butler Days celebration in Tonopah. I helped the band members move equipment and pass out flyers, and not long after I took this picture, they called me up on stage and gave me the white electric guitar that is on stage for helping them out.” Google Pixel 2, 1/60s, f/1.8, ISO360 ©Kaleigh Taylor
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