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Best of Nevada 2015 Winners

18th ANNUAL READERS’ SURVEY To choose “the best” is a tough endeavor in a state as great as ours. Nevada is home to so many top restaurants,  shows,  attractions, golf courses, etc…we have just about run out of superlatives.  That’s where you come in; each year, our readers vote for their favorite things about Nevada. We added s ... read more

Do As The Pahrumpians

DO AS THE PAHRUMPIANS DO THE MISSION IS PURE FUN 60 MILES WEST OF LAS VEGAS. BY ERIC CACHINERO Pahrump: the only city in Nevada that will turn you into James Bond after a single visit. OK… while that statement is mostly a silly hyperbole, there is a bit of truth to it. When I first watched the original James Bond actor Sean Connery make his ... read more

Night in the Country Music Festival

Night in the Country Music Festival: A First-Timer’s Guide Camping, country tunes, and crazy times rule at annual event. BY CARRIE ROUSSEL If you love country music and you live in Nevada, you’ve probably already heard about northern Nevada’s Night in the Country Music Festival (NITC). For those not yet in the know, hang on to your hats, ... read more

Savvy Sommelier Uncorks Delicious Adventure

Savvy Sommelier Uncorks Delicious Adventure CARNEVINO’S KIRK PETERSON PAIRS WINE WITH FOOD…AND PEOPLE. BY MARISA FINETTI It’s well past lunch, yet a seductively plated dish of braised quail in cognac reduction is placed before Kirk Peterson. Along with two other sommeliers, a chef, and a culinary director, he attempts to identify the per ... read more

The Ride Stuff

Mountain biking was once the domain of young thrill-seekers; today, everyone has a fat-tire bike. From retirees to teens, the desire to get off the asphalt and see more of the land has spurred the creation of myriad trails and an impressive stewardship toward our public lands. According to the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), eigh ... read more

Minden and Gardnerville: The Twin Towns

One more day. It’s something many vacationers and travelers wish they had, but seldom take even when they do. It’s no secret that we’re all busy, and getting back home a day early can make getting ready for the week that much easier. But staying just one more day can mean the difference between a quick glimpse and a comprehensive experience. ... read more

Boulder/Hoover Dam

History never repeats itself, but the Kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.— Mark Twain         Then & Now: Boulder/Hoover Dam HISTORIC ENGINEERING FEAT STANDS STRONG FOR NEARLY 80 YEARS. BY ERIC CACHINERO We love hi ... read more

Tour Around Nevada: Minden and Gardnerville

Together or alone, twin towns are twice as nice. BY MEGG MUELLER Laurel and Hardy. Batman and Robin. Simon and Garfunkle. Bogie and Bacall. Synergy occurs when two equally exceptional sides join to form a whole; the result is more than just the sum of two parts but an entirely new creation. Minden and Gardnerville are separate, unique, and rich ... read more

Wheezer Dell: A Life Hit Out of the Park

Nevada’s first Major League Baseball player pitched in the World Series. BY DAVID TOLL I spent three pleasant days delving into a Wheezer Dell archive—especially a thick scrapbook into which Eleanor Dell had pasted newspaper clippings about her husband’s career as a baseball player. [caption id="attachment_7190" align="alignleft" w ... read more

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