July – August 2018


The Best of Nevada 2018 is here! Our readers have spoken and we’ve counted the ballots. We switched up the categories, and we’ve got some new winners for you starting on page 36. A new favorite of ours is this issue’s Cravings story—The Angry Butcher. Read about this delicious and innovative steakhouse on page 56.

A recent visit to Tonopah revealed too many good stories to resist, so we start with the Tonopah Mining Park on page 28; if you haven’t experienced this living history adventure, summer is the perfect time. The town of Tonopah is experiencing a revitalization of sorts right now, as new blood is bringing fresh ideas and a rebirth to some of the town’s oldest establishments. Check it out on page 64.

And of course we have a feature on Nevada’s railroads; this time how the railroad turned a swamp into the city of Sparks. The city’s history is inextricably linked with Nevada’s railway past. Discover how on page 72.

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What’s Inside

Hard Pressed to Survive

In a world of PayPal, Bitcoin, and all manner of electronic currency where paper money looks downright antiquated, coins are relegated to almost nuisance status. Heavy and destined for the ashtray or swear jar, coin as currency is a near relic. But since 1792, the U.S. has been minting coins for trade and commerce, and in all that time just eight towns were honored with the presence of a mint. Carson City is one of those towns, and the history of the Silver State's only mint is one that could make you rethink that change rattling around in your pocket. ... read more

Tonopah Historic Mining Park

Tonopah BY ERIC CACHINERO In the days of old, miners seldom just stumbled upon massive silver strikes. That's because silver ore doesn't exactly look like the shimmering, polished metal found in wedding bands and werewolf bullets. Silver ore is oftentimes an amalgamation of many different types of minerals, and usually requires an assay ... read more

The Angry Butcher

THE ANGRY BUTCHER STEAKHOUSE Las Vegas eatery fights to make diners completely happy. STORY BY KYLE YOUNG PHOTOS BY BOYD GAMING Just about every major casino in the U.S. has a steakhouse, so what sets The Angry Butcher Steakhouse ins ... read more

Tonopah's Revitalization

The Middle of Everywhere Not content to be a drive-through town, Tonopah is leading the charge of change. BY MEGG MUELLER In a 1975 story about Tonopah in Nevada Magazine, the writer spent a great deal of space discussing how favorable Tonopah's climate is for those suffering from various conditions, such as bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, ... read more

Transitory Train Towns

Transitory Train Towns NEW RAIL ROUTES OFTEN LEFT OLD TOWNS OUT TO DRY. BY ERIC CACHINERO It is generally well known that train-sized holes were drilled through hundreds of yards of solid rock to lay railroad tracks during the constructi ... read more

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