March – April 2013

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Reno's new slogan, state of tourism

Reno's first arch was erected in 1926 to promote the Transcontinental Highways Exposition and originally included the words "Nevada's Transcontinental Highways Exposition" and the dates of the event (June 25-August 1, 1927). The slogan "The Biggest Little City in the World" was adopted i ... read more

Prospecting in Nevada

Gold and gemstone enthusiasts dig discovering mineral wealth in the Silver State. PHOTO & STORY BY RICHARD MASSEY With the rising value of gold and increasing popularity of reality TV shows such as "Gold Rush, Alaska" and "Bering Sea Gold," it seems that everyone is getting gold fever. If you find yourself bitten by the bug, you couldn't be ... read more

License to Distill

License to Distill Henderson distillery becomes the first business of its kind in Nevada—with a little help from its friends. By Nellie Day Like many Nevadans, George Racz came to the Silver State in pursuit of the American Dream. The Hungarian-born immigrant saw opportunity in the Las Vegas Valley, though it wasn't gold or a huge jackpot he ... read more

Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway in Nevada A CENTURY LATER, YOU CAN STILL ROAD TRIP ON THE "MAIN STREET ACROSS AMERICA." BY P. GROVER CLEVELAND I've traveled stretches of dirt road nearly untouched since the early days of the last ce ... read more

Sports - March/April 2013

NEVADA SPORTS Reno’s Aces Ballpark (top) is the newest stadium in the Pacific Coast League and seats 9,100. Inset: Outfielder A.J. Pollock was named MVP of the Aces’ 2012 Triple-A National ... read more

Thunder Mountain

Mysterious Imlay monument beckons Interstate 80 travelers. (This story first appeared in our March/April 2013 issue) BY GREG MCFARLANE If you’ve ever traveled east from Reno, Fernley, or Lovelock to Winnemucca, you’ve driven by it. You might not h ... read more

Sage Grouse

Sage Grouse Sage grouse are the largest of the North American grouse species. Males can weigh up to eight pounds and have black throats with white collars, yellow-orange eyebrows, and spike-like tail feathers that fan out during the mating ritual (see photo). Immature birds and females have mottled brown throats and breasts. Both genders blend ... read more

Jonesing for Lake Tahoe

Jones-ing for Lake Tahoe Successful brothers share a love of the outdoors and a talent for energizing corporations from a podium. By Matthew B. Brown Globetrotting brothers Terry (left) and Dewitt Jones spend much of their free time enjoying Lake Tahoe's outdoor beauty from their res ... read more

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