September – October 2014

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Fascinating Facts, Rare Records, and Crazy Confabulations

Discovering the truth behind Nevada legends. BY MEGG MUELLER Researching a story on Nevada's biggest, smallest, largest, shortest, oldest, etc., facts was a scavenger hunt, and proof that one day a new adage will be noted: Just because it's on the Internet, doesn't make it true. While some of the information I found had a kernel of truth, much ... read more

A Haunting on The Comstock

Ghost towns aren't the only spooky spaces in the Silver State. The miner's cabin—located at the head frame of the Yellowjacket Mine in Gold Hill—is a popular destination for paranormal researchers and casual ghost enthusiasts. In 1869, a fire took the lives of nearly 35 miners, som ... read more

Experience 'The 36th Star'

Experience "The 36th Star" Emancipation Proclamation is Centerpiece of Nevada Museum of Art Exhibition. BY JERI SINGLEY As Nevada celebrates it ... read more

Nevada Part VII: To War and Beyond

Plunged back into the nation's conflicts, Nevada solidifies itself as a worldwide destination with the help of some infamous assistance. BY RON SOODALTER The Basic Magnesium, Inc. plant in Henderson, staffed mostly by women in this 1943 photo, played a crucial role in the war effort. ... read more

Into the Wild

Explore the jewel that is Nevada's remote northwest corner. BY MEGG MUELLER & ERIC CACHINERO "There are no services. ... read more

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