Last Christmas, my husband and I visited the cactus gardens at Ethel M Chocolates for the first time and were like little kids enjoying the beautiful light display, featuring more than 500,000 lights, animated figures, and holiday music. Las Vegas has always been a romantic getaway for visitors, but now Ethel M’s is giving residents a new tradition!


Ethel M is starting a new tradition this Valentine’s Day. For the first time ever, they are illuminating the three-acre Henderson Cactus Garden & Chocolate Factory from Feb. 6-15. They will be featuring a Sweet Date Night Package, which includes a prix fixe dinner for two at Todd’s Unique Dining, a box of premium Ethel M Chocolates, a stuffed teddy bear, and two large hot chocolates to keep you warm as you and your loved one enjoy an evening stroll through the lighted garden.

Ethel M Chocolates was founded by Forrest Mars Sr. of the famous Mars Candy family. Inspired by his mother, Ethel’s pursuit of the perfect chocolate, Forrest created this company, named in his mother’s honor. Mars’ vision was to share the joy of fresh-crafted quality chocolates, using Ethel’s timeless recipes and upholding her high standards of quality.

According to the Ethel M website, “Forrest settled in the heart of the desert where he was able to source the liquor he needed to produce Ethel’s famous liquor-filled chocolates. He took to producing the unique spirit-based fillings directly in-house so that quality would never be compromised. This has become a signature practice at Ethel M, as mastering fresh-crafted fillings and chocolates commands a skillful mix of art and know-how.”

Ethel M Chocolates, surrounded by their lighted botanical cactus garden is a great place to bring your sweetheart for a unique and romantic evening. For more information, visit