Atomic history

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Splitting Atoms: Nevada’s Atomic History

Atomic testing is remembered as a sensational and sometimes sinister era of the state’s history. BY ERIC CACHINERO On the morning of May 5, 1955, a family nested in their contemporary dream home. A tall redbrick chimney and lovely shutters complemented the whitewashed exterior, which gave an exquisite view of the surrounding desert mountains. The […]
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A Blast at News Nob

(This story originally ran in our March/April 1996 issue) Covering an atomic test for Nevada Magazine was an assignment like no other. BY ADRIAN ATWATER It went by several names: “Operation Doom Town,” “Observation Shot,” and the official Title, “Upshot-Knothole.” Whatever the name of that 1953 atomic test, it made a bang-up impression on Fred Greulich and me. Fred was the pioneer of Nevada Magazine, then called Nevada Highways and Parks, and he served as editor, writer, and copy boy of the highway department’s publication. I was the department’s lone photographer in those days, and one of my duties was to […]