dan dequille

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The Sagebrush School

Nevada’s first generation of writers and journalists ushered in a golden age of literature in the West. BY CORY MUNSON On a cold December night in the town of Mormon Station, two men slotted the final components of their printing press into place. Their press assembled, they pulled out their letterboxes and set up, letter […]
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The Quaints of DeQuille

Reaching a daily circulation of more than 15,000 copies, Virginia City's Territorial Enterprise was at one time the largest newspaper west of the Mississippi River. Readers of this Nevada publication were treated to the prose and tales of famous journalist and author Samuel Clemens, who used the legendary nom de plume of Mark Twain. But another Enterprise reporter, renowned for his gymnastic vocabulary and whom some considered to be a better writer even than Twain, was William Wright.