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Jason's Art Gallery

Duane and Jeanne Cooley have an enviable problem. For 22 years, they have owned Jason’s Art Gallery in Austin, selling high-end, hand-crafted jewelry. Using mostly local stones, Duane creates gorgeous pendants, earrings, bracelets, and more, while Jeanne tends the store that sits on Austin’s main drag, a.k.a. Highway 50.  The trouble is, the jewelry is so exquisite and reasonably priced that the couple is busier than they’ve ever been.  ... read more

Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness

Legend has it that when Mormon settlers crossed the forbidding Mojave Desert, they found solace in the trees. The Joshua tree, with its branches reaching upward in almost human-like form, reminded them of the biblical character Joshua, who led his followers through the desert with outstretched arms pointing to the heavens in prayer. Although they thrive in the Mojave Desert, Joshua trees aren’t always easy to find. That is what makes the Wee Thump Joshua Tree Wilderness so special: for just a short stretch on a lonely highway, the conditions are so perfect that the surrounding hills are literally blanketed with them.  ... read more

Legendary Nevadans: Jessie Beck

At 34 years old, Jessie Beck (born Jessie Renfro) found herself recently divorced and nearly broke. Opportunities for a single mother in 1938 were few, so she was relieved to find work at a diner in Fort Worth. A few months into the job, Beck’s sister Mabel and brother-in-law Raymond “Pappy” Smith entered the restaurant. The two had just arrived from Reno, where Pappy managed the Harolds Club casino. ... read more

Open-Air Galleries

You may have heard about a festival that takes place each year on a massive playa in northern Nevada. Attended by tens of thousands, the celebration of art and self-expression that is Burning Man is now a part of our cultural lexicon. While tens of thousands flock to the playa to see the incredible art pieces, most people never get to appreciate them. Lose that fear of missing out, because numerous Burning Man works can be seen in open-air galleries around the state. ... read more

Rural Wranglers: Eureka!

In ancient Greece, King Hieron's new crown was to be made of pure gold, but to be sure, the court asked the mathematician Archimedes to determine if inexpensive metals had been used instead. To think the problem over, Archimedes took a bath. As he stepped into the tub, he noticed water spilling over the side. The answer suddenly came to him! A gold bar with the same weight as the crown should displace the same amount of water. If it didn’t, then the blacksmith had certainly cheated the king. The greatest scientist of the ancient era leapt from his tub and ran undressed toward the palace, proclaiming, “Eureka! I have found it!” More than 2,000 years later, that same exclamation was evoked by prospectors in the heart of the Great Basin Desert, and from their discovery, one of the West’s richest boomtowns was born.  ... read more

Taking Refuge

The Silver State is home to some of the largest national wildlife refuges (NWR) in the U.S., providing dozens of specialized habitats for a collection of animals, birds, and reptiles. From the raptors and other migratory birds that soar over Nevada each year to a sanctuary so special it saved the pronghorn antelope entirely, check out this lineup of where to find some wildlife during your time in Nevada. ... read more

The Ghosts of Elko County

Welcome to the fourth-largest county in the entire nation. Elko County is home to the Ruby Mountains—one of Nevada’s most prized ranges—and some of the largest gold mines in the world. Many flock to this corner of the state for verdant alpine vistas, hearty Basque cuisine, top-notch gaming, and a dose of cowboy culture.  ... read more

Silver State Sips

North, south, and almost everywhere in between, distilleries have popped up across the Silver State's landscape. Craft cocktail connoisseurs have carved their own niche out of this trendy pastime, and each has a uniquely Nevada story to tell.  ... read more

Sweet Treats & Cool Eats

Savor the sweet delights life brings you—now that’s some solid advice. If you agree, we’ve got some goodies to share. No matter where your travels take you in the Silver State, there’s a delicious treat awaiting you.  ... read more

Heavenly Views

For our ancestors, a view of the cosmos made for nightly scenery. Today, most of us enjoy the stars only a few times a year. The reason? A pristine night sky has become something of a luxury, and even areas outside cities can’t escape the light pollution. But in Nevada, wide-open landscapes promise plentiful stargazing opportunities.  ... read more

The Silver State Scavenger Hunt

The 2022 Silver State Scavenger Hunt has ended, and what a great adventure was had! This year’s participants visited some of the state’s most amazing historical buildings. Traveling far and wide during their hunts, these folks made memories with friends, loved ones, and even some furry friends while discovering the beauty of Nevada’s past.  ... read more

Nevada's Photo-Worthy State Parks

Clear out your memory card, reorder the missing lens caps, and try to remember how that tripod works again: it’s time to dive into two remarkably photogenic state parks.  ... read more

The Evolution of Nevada's Flag

Nothing sparks pride in where you reside quite like a flag. However, creating a banner to represent an entire culture or geographic region isn’t easy work. Nevada’s flag is beloved by residents today, but it took four (almost five) versions until the matter was settled.  ... read more

Yesterday: The Sabotage of Two Toed Pete

There was plenty of sporting money in Virginia City in 1891, and hundreds of people came by to see Leo and his keg of beer. Some, like Two Toed Pete, were willing to bet that Leo's mouth was bigger than his muscles. ... read more

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