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"The Buzz"
  • Dan

    "Just finished going thru this issue, awesome magazine. The writers make me feel if I am really on the old trains, what it would be like on News Nob. Just a great publication!!! Enjoy it so much!"

  • Judith

    "I tend to read magazines in small bits while I do my exercise warm-ups. But I read the March/April "The Atomic Age" edition of Nevada Magazine in one sitting, from cover to cover. What a super edition! As I said, I read everything…so informative and entertaining! But in particular, I really relished three sections; "Silver State Symbology" in the History section, "Nevada Photo Tours" in City Limits, and "State Park Series" in Wide Open. That last section made me promise myself a re-visit up to Berlin. My husband will love the "Ghost Railroads" article since he's a rail buff."

  • Kathy

    " I love your magazine, keep up the good work. It is helping us plan future trips, so much to see. Born and raised in California, moved here 12 years ago, didn't know how much there was to see. Thanks, again."

  • Bobby

    "Read the magazine and wait for it every single month, with breathless anticipation, I love this magazine. So excited for the Ghost Towns & Historical Sites Map. Keep up the great work. I’ve probably spent more time in Nevada than any guy who doesn’t live there. I’ve lived in Portland for many many years, just recently moved to Kansas City and every single weekend that I could get away for vacation I would go to Nevada and explore. Again thank you guys so much for what you do there, it really does mean quite a bit. And, a wonderful, wonderful magazine."

  • Bob

    "As former Vegas residents, we come back 2-3 times per year to visit and relax. Your magazine lets us know what's going on while we're there. I love your magazine and keep up the good job."

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