Fall 2023

As the seasons change, it’s a time to reflect. Fall brings this about most readily as the landscape undergoes its stunning transformation. It’s the cycle of life’s third act: the one that prepares for a period of dormancy and hibernation after the heady days of summer. The time is right for a little rest and introspection. It’s been almost two years since this publication debuted in its new format and each issue, we listen to feedback and tweak our stories to best serve our readers. These readers include long-time Nevada Magazine subscribers. They come for the stories we’ve told since the magazine began in 1936, and those deep dives (as we like to call them) veer slightly from our tourist-friendly format. All of our stories include peeks into the local view of life here, but some delve a bit more, such as our look at our state flower, sagebrush. This unassuming shrub is key to many plants and animals, and it’s the perfect state symbol. We’ll also tell you about two brothers who left indelible marks on Nevada: Paul and Robert Laxalt are truly Legendary Nevadans. Along with places to visit and things to see, wait until you feast your eyes on our story about places to see fall color.
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What’s Inside

Rural Wranglers: Pioche

In the mid-1860s, stories spread of a rich silver lode in Nevada. Thousands of treasure seekers arrived from all points of the compass, and by 1870, the mining camp became one of the largest cities in the West outside of San Francisco. For years, wealth poured from its surrounding hills as if from a broken tap. When the bonanza inevitably ended, the town lived on and weathered another century and a half. Today, it is a rare living artifact of the 19th century. ... read more

Bet on Art

Las Vegas is in the middle of an urban cultural renaissance. A well-timed combination of affordable living, supportive city policies, and grassroots community planning has made the city a stronghold for creative expression. At the heart of this movement sits the Las Vegas Arts District and its 18-plus blocks of colorful shops, novel restaurants, and endless entertainment.   ... read more

Go Your Own Way

As the main road for travel between Reno and Las Vegas, U.S. Route 95 sees its fair share of traffic. Millions of motorists take this 400-mile journey each year, many of them doing it more times than they can count. If that sounds like you, mix things up on your next odyssey with a ghost-town packed alternate route. ... read more

Color Across Northern Nevada

What do you get when you combine wide open spaces with stunning fall foliage? There’s no punchline, and it’s no joke that the Silver State has a lot to offer leaf-peepers. With gorgeous October colors awaiting, a road trip was in order, so Senior Graphic Designer Alexandria Olivares-Wenzel and I grabbed our cameras and hit the road. ... read more

Uncommon Overnighters: Tarantula Ranch Vineyard

Sometimes, you just need a place to stay the night. Nothing wrong with that, but when you’re ready for lodgings that are as much a part of the adventure, look no further than Tarantula Ranch Vineyard in Amargosa Valley.  ... read more

Off-Road Adventures

If someone knows just one thing about Nevada, it’s probably how huge the state is, or how almost 85 percent of its land is public. What they might not know is how seriously we take off-roading around here. In fact, Nevada is home to the very first congressionally designated off-road (as in dirt) trail in the country. Another thing we're serious about? Helping you get onto the lesser-traveled backroads that traverse our landscape.  ... read more

Comfort Cuisine

Whether you know them as cafés, diners, hash houses, or greasy spoons, rural restaurants are the oases of the highway. Yes, they provide essential, good-mood-food for road trippers, but that’s not the only reason they’re beloved. The fact is that diners are a universal part of American culture. Everything from the white mugs to the laminated menus and breakfast counter chatter is welcomingly familiar no matter how far from home we are. So, as you make your way across the Silver State, keep these excellent options in mind: Your stomach and your spirit will thank you. ... read more

Ward Charcoal Ovens

Tucked back in the Egan Mountains about 30 miles south of Ely—and an hour from Great Basin National Park—is Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park. As you approach, you’ll spot its six massive beehive-shaped charcoal ovens peeking over the hills, a sign you’re in for a very different state park experience. ... read more

Free-Range Art Highway

Ready to give your camera a workout? With the Free-Range Art Highway as your canvas, the photo-op stops are countless. Whether you’re a newbie photographer just learning the definition of aperture or a veteran documentarian seeking new stories, you’ll find plenty of odd and awesome vistas to ogle along this Reno-to-Vegas road trip.  ... read more

The Laxalt Brothers

From adventurers and gunslingers to writers and thinkers, Nevada’s history was shaped by individuals witah grit and drive. Each issue, we look at one of these notable heroes from the past. Whether born or raised, these aren’t just Nevadans: they’re Legendary Nevadans.  ... read more

Nevada State Prison

For 150 years, the Nevada State Prison—located in Carson City—housed some of the state’s most high-profile offenders. Since shuttering in 2012, community groups have worked to preserve its past.  ... read more

Shopping in the Past

In a time when hand-held technology becomes outdated almost before it hits the shelf, it seems nothing is made to last. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience something so well made it has lasted for generations? Along with great quality, items such as a hand-crafted oak table or a vintage Lionel train set can stir nostalgic feelings and harken back to an earlier time. If an antique road trip speaks to you, treasures such as these can be found at antique and collectible stores in northern Nevada. ... read more

The Final Word: Mark Estee

Chef, restaurateur, and community leader, Mark Estee has left a tasty mark on northern Nevada’s dining experience for more than 20 years. His company Reno Local Food Group has five restaurant brands and multiple locations around the Reno-Carson City area. ... read more

Yesterday: The Road to Dreamland

A wrong turn at Area 51, the top-secret military base near Rachel, led this Harley traveler on an unexpected detour. BY HOWARD SIEGEL Every summer I seek escape from the pressures and populace of New York City by heading out to the desert Southwest on my Harley. I make the trip alone, completely free to set my own schedule and ... read more

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