May – June 2017


We have a special look at Manhattan in the early 1900s through some recently discovered photos from a man who lived there. Look through the lens with us on page 22. Some more great photographer tours are up next; see what’s available on page 28. With the rise of online shopping, small local bookstores are slowly fading, but we’ve got a number of them in Nevada worth a look. Find out where you can get more than just a book on page 32. Before you head out though, read our story on Dutch oven cooking on page 56; you might want to pick up a cookbook or two.

Our series on state parks continues on page 40, and this issue’s installment of ancient Nevada discusses our landscapes on page 60. We round out this issue with a look at the Nevada State Prison and the work being done to open this landmark as a historical destination; read about it on page 66. And last, to fill your summer some beauty, a story about the abundant wildflowers in Nevada can be found on page 74.

Issue Cover May – June 2017

What’s Inside

Manhattan Photographs

A Peek Into the Past Photos from Manhattan's heyday provide a glimpse into yesteryear. STORY BY LORRAINE A. DARCONTE PHOTOS COURTESY JOSEPH DEISS A cache of photographs taken in the small mining town of Manhattan ... read more

Nevada Photographers: May/June 2017

  Donald Heldoorn, in his own words I'm a wildlife, landscape, and sports photographer with published photos in several magazines and books. Nevada Exploration Photo Tour is my company, and through that I offer a 1-3 person private wildlife tour of the Carson Valley and surrounding area for professional photographers and experienced enth ... read more

Nevada Bookstores

  Literacy Caches Hunting for Treasures in Nevada's Hidden Bookstores BY ANNIE FLANZRAICH Remnants of treasure hunts punctuate Nevada's arid landscape. The state's ghost towns—oblique wooden structures, crumbling under the weight of history—stand as a testament to lodes of ore. While ... read more

Nevada State Parks, Part 3

Visiting every state park requires a bit of forethought and sometimes a bit of luck. There are 21 listed in the official State Park Passport, but technically there are 26 if you split out Elgin Schoolhouse and the individual parks that make up Lake Tahoe State Park. And then there are the two new parks Governor Sandoval announced during his 2017 State of the State address—Tule Springs State Park and Walker River State Recreation Area. ... read more

Dutch Oven Cooking

  Nevada's Dutch Touch Dutch oven cooking seasons the soul. BY ERIC CACHINERO Paper towels and beer. These secr ... read more

Ancient Nevada, Part 3: Landscapes

Third of six-part series explores the forming of Nevada's diverse landscapes. BY ERIC CACHINERO Although surely a feat for the ambitious, it is possible to walk the rim of a volcanic crater at Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark, hike the nearly 12,000-foot Arc Dome, and soak in a geothermal-heated pool in the massive Big Smokey Valley all i ... read more

A Solitary Goal

During its 150 years of continuous operation the Nevada State Prison in Carson City played a significant role in the history of Nevada, protecting its citizens, influencing architecture, and amassing an impressive list of historically significant events. The prison now sits idle after closing its doors on May 12, 2012. ... read more

Nevada Wildflowers

Nevada Wildflowers As many know, Nevada has seen an abundantly wet winter this year, so it was a no-brainer to include a look at the bumper crop of beauty that can be found in our normally arid climate. While a desert state might not be the first place you’d think of when you go looking for flowers, Nevada is home to more than 100 types of wi ... read more

Exhibition Melds Contemporary Art with Traditional Craft

Great Basin artists challenge the concept of Native American artwork.   STORY BY TERI VANCE PHOTOS BY CATHLEEN ALLISON   Melissa Melero-Moose draws upon her roots growing up as a Paiute on the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony for her work as a mixed-medium painter. But her work is not a relic of days past. “I would describe mysel ... read more

Historic Sentence Fits the Crime

The hanging of Elizabeth Potts marks Nevada’s only execution of a woman. Photos courtesy of the Northeastern Nevada Museum. “It is a dreadful thing to hang a woman, but not so dreadful as for a woman to be a murderer.” BY BOB SAGAN If “Dubious Achievement Awards” were handed out in 19th-century Nevada, Elizabeth Potts would have won ... read more

Yesterday: How the Girls Kiss

In the late 19th century, young couples in Nevada faced Victorian ground rules when it came to kissing. Some bussing customs relied more on superstition than romance. For example, a girl might be kissed if she heard a bird sing after dark, if she put on a man’s hat, or if coffee grounds formed a ring in the bottom of her cup. This story originally ran in the September/October 2002 issue of Nevada Magazine. ... read more

2017 Silver State Scavenger Hunt

Where else in the world can you traverse a forest comprised entirely of dilapidated and half-buried cars, photograph a plaster ghost riding a bicycle next to a giant metal penguin and miner, admire eloquent murals depicting Nevada history, and watch 30-foot flames shoot from the antennae of a giant metal praying mantis? Nevada, of course. And the ... read more

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