November – December 2013

Issue Cover November – December 2013

What’s Inside

The Linq

 The Linq - Open-air retail, dining, and entertainment district aims to create a new type of visitor experience on the Las Vegas Strip. BY JOANNA HAUGEN Las Vegas resort-casinos have historically been designed to keep visitors inside, without clocks, windows, or easy access to exits. With several dining options; a variety of entertainment ... read more

Fort Churchill

Fort Churchill State Historic Park offers a glimpse into Nevada’s pre-statehood past. BY GREG MCFARLANE Almost everything about life in mid-1800s Nevada seems difficult to fathom and even more difficult to have endured. We no longer worry about hostile natives, high infant mortality, and taking weeks to cross the desert on horse-drawn wagons ... read more

Gunbarrel Tavern

Gunbarrel Tavern South Tahoe’s newest eatery serves up high-caliber cuisine. BY ERIC CACHINERO Nestled neatly amongst the boutiques and cafes of Heavenly Village on Lake Tahoe’s south shore is a dining experience sure to ignite your powder keg. Complementing perfectly the already stellar reputation of the area, the Gunbarrel Tavern & ... read more

Commemorative Stamps

Commemorative Stamps Nevada has recognized its milestones through the years on various U.S. postage. By THOMAS LERA NEVADA FIRST SETTLEMENT CENTENNIAL On October 3, 1945, Nevada Senator Pat McCarran wrote to Postmaster General (PMG) Robert Hannegan, suggesting the issuance of a commemorative stamp for the first post office established in the Te ... read more

Sinatra Jr. Kidnapped

Sinatra Jr. Kidnapped, December 8, 1963. Looking back at the botched abduction of a Las Vegas crooner 50 years later. BY JONATHAN SHIPLEY While lounging around in a T-shirt and a pair of underwear, Frank Sinatra Jr. enjoyed a chicken dinner seemingly without a care in the world. Joined by John Foss, trumpet player for the Tommy Dorsey Orchest ... read more

Nevada Part II: From Strikes to Statehood

BY RON SOODALTER By the early 1850s, it had become apparent that the gold strikes recently made in the West were game-changing and would significantly impact the nation’s future. California, a recent prize in a war of acquisition with Mexico, had already established itself as a mecca for westward immigrants; the discovery of gold simply provid ... read more

From Dust to Doré

From Dust to Doré The thunderous crack of massive colliding stones fills my ears as I stand on the observation platform of Coeur Rochester, Inc.’s rock crusher. Awestruck by the colossal machinery surrounding me, I am overcome by the illusion that the advancing conveyer belt wielding a blend of loose soil and half-ton boulders is ready to crush ... read more

Mountain Bike Adventure

Dusty trails, wild horses, steam locomotives, old mining towns, and rowdy saloons. You’d have to be watching an old western movie, right? Not if you mountain bike in Carson City! Just saddle up your bicycle, load up some water and provisions, and ride up into the mountains. A smo ... read more

Sweetwater Mountains

Life and wonder in the Sweetwater Mountains BY SCOTT NEUFFER | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2013 In the night, lying in the open, we threw human questions against the deep, starry vastness of Nevada sky. Questions of time and fate, loss and memory. The wind ... read more

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