Spring 2021

Welcome to spring! This issue is packed with ways to shake off the doldrums of winter and get your adventure juices flowing! We've got a look at some hot springs around the state, plus some seriously off-the-grid camping spots for those really looking to get away. If a short adventure is what you seek, check out some amazing micro-adventures in southern Nevada that are easy to get to, but off the beaten path. The Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a gorgeous location for anglers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to see some serious Nevada beauty. We also take a look at some tasty trips this issue; we've got a story on wild-game cooking and how it's no longer the same ol, same ol... your mouth will be watering after you read this. We also took a look at Basin and Range Winery, the only winery in the state using SOLELY grapes grown in Nevada for its wines. Around the state, farmers markets are popping back up as the weather begins to yield its bounty, and we've got all the information you need plus a few things you probably didn't know about these community-driven events. Rounding out this issue we have a look at The Writer's Block in Las Vegas and a great history story on the once-deadly town of Pioche. It's all inside the Spring 2021 issue of Nevada Magazine, plus, we have some incredible photos of pets outside enjoying the splendor of the Silver State. Enjoy!
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What’s Inside

Your Favorite Nevada Pet Exploring Outdoors

Each issue we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year, and we’re asking you to share images of your Nevada favorites. We’ll pick a theme (see below) and let our readers lead the way! We asked to see your favorite pet exploring nature and, judging by all the ‘ooh’- and ‘aah’-ing from the production area, you did great in showcasing the pet-friendly side of Nevada. So great, in fact, our Art Director couldn’t narrow it down to just two pages. So this issue there are four pages of Your Favorite Nevada to enjoy. ... read more

Wild-Game Cooking Elevated

Peel open the dusty pages of an old wild-game cookbook, and the recipes may sometimes feel a bit basic and bland: roast duck (salt, pepper), rabbit and gravy (shortening, onion, flour), and even broiled skunk (salt, pepper, onion, nose plugs). Although some of these recipes are tried and true, gone are the days of cooking duck on a cedar plank, tossing the duck, and eating the cedar plank. That’s because wild-game cooking is evolving; not becoming more complicated, but becoming more understood and respected. Thanks, in part, to modern wild-game chefs understanding their subject matter and exploring new and different recipes—while sticking to everyday ingredients—that challenge traditional cooking methods. ... read more

Micro-Adventures Near Las Vegas

When many people think Nevada, they often think Las Vegas. While this lively and entertaining city is one of Nevada’s most popular destinations, it’s not all about the lights, slots, and urban attractions. Las Vegas is environed by myriad landscapes, many of which are less than an hour’s drive from the metropolis. These simple and spontaneous trips are perfect for quenching the thirst for adventure, no matter if you’re a novice explorer or a veteran wayfarer.                 Whether seeking snow-covered peaks, rugged mountain terrain, or a stunning river expedition, some exhilarating experiences near Las Vegas await. Perfect for a full- or half-day adventure, these micro-adventures offer ideas for getting out and enjoying some of Nevada’s wonders without spending too much time planning or getting there. ... read more

Turn The Page: This Bookstore Covers So Much More

A birdcage of freedom. A grand literary conundrum, it’s true. Maya Angelou’s great poem may spring to mind, but I mean Yeats and his Byzantium, a place of spiritual fulfillment where what’s crucial to your soul sings out to you from a golden bough of what you need, what will get you there, and what awaits your arrival. Such a place exists at The Writer’s Block, a bookstore in Downtown Las Vegas. ... read more

Creating a Home on the Range

There are a number of words I use sparingly in my writing, with unique landing very near the top of my list of over- and erroneously-used words. The very definition of unique after all, means something singular, the only one of its kind. For Basin and Range Cellars, however, I will bust out this word.   ... read more

Getting Away from It All

Traffic jams, smog, lines, crowds, the DMV, cellphones, deadlines, alarm clocks…when will it all stop?  It stops when you say it stops. Through the chaos of everyday life that many of us experience, serenity never ceases to whisper in our ear. In fact, when dealing with life’s sometimes-less-than-ideal aspects mentioned above, nature’s constant calling may increase in volume to a violent roar, signaling the time to retreat to the state’s rural recesses for some rest, relaxation, recreation, and recuperation. ... read more

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge

East of the crest of Nevada’s Ruby Mountains lies the immense Ruby Valley, a pastoral expanse of quiet and prosperous ranch land. The dirt Ruby Valley Road follows the western edge of this high desert valley for 35 miles, before finally arriving at an oasis: A huge wetland of marshes, shallow lakes, and drainage ponds that encompasses the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the most remote wildlife refuge in the continental U.S.    ... read more

Farmers Markets Grow Communities

Very little is a given in this world; in fact, we’re often told the only thing you can count on is death and taxes however there is another incontrovertible fact about humans. We need food. But beyond basic sustenance, food plays an indelible part in our lives and it touches not only our biological needs but also our social and emotional needs as well.  ... read more

Yesterday: The Making of ‘The Misfits’

In 1961, eager movie buffs filled theaters across the country for the debut of "The Misfits." Shot entirely on location in and around Reno, the movie had all the makings of a blockbuster. Directed by John Huston and written by Arthur Miller, it starred Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, with Eli Wallach, Thelma Ritter, and Mont­gomery Cliff sharing the bill. The story was based on Nevada reality. In 1956 Miller, seeking a divorce, spent his six weeks' resid­ency in a cabin near Pyramid Lake. While there he met three Nevada mustangers who impressed him as being "the last three unreconstructed originals in the United States." ... read more

Soaking in the Scenery

What do majestic natural hot springs, vast desert regions, and endless skies unencumbered by buildings have in common? They can all be found in the breathtaking state of Nevada, for one. This magical territory offers countless experiences unlike anywhere else in the world and can lead adventurers to places they never expected. ... read more

Doing Business in Pioche Often Resulted in Deadly Encounters

Sometime during the peak of Pioche’s boom, Athe Meeks, returning from delivering a load of timbers to a mine, was suddenly startled by two men with weapons drawn. The pair rushed out in front and forced Meeks’ mules to a stop. The highwaymen ordered him to show his hands, but he would have none of it; instead he pulled his six-shooter and shot Al Miller, one of the would-be robbers, dead. The second desperado, known as Little Frank, fired a wild shot at Meeks. He returned the favor, and his shot hit its target—Little Frank was found a little way down the road, also dead. Although most times it was the banditti who came out on top, this was just one of the scenarios that played out between robbers, cattle rustlers and horse thieves, and those delivering their goods to customers in Pioche. ... read more

Saving Bowers Mansion

In memory of the past, 12 women fight to preserve its historic future. BY TAMERA BUZICK Grant Smith, author of "The Comstock Lode," once wrote, “What boy or girl ever forgot their first picnic at Bowers Mansion? It was a trip to paradise.� ... read more

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