Fall 2021

Fall is in the air! Cooler temps are here and so is the Great Nevada Picture Hunt. Our annual contest once again so perfectly captures the layers of beauty that encompass our state...it is like a treat for the soul. Our issue also has a lot of outdoor adventures including a hike along the Ruby Crest Trail, a visit to Pyramid Lake, and a very deep look at some of our most awesome desert caves. Animal sanctuaries all over the state are featured and it's amazing how many organizations are caring for these displaced creatures. There are so many good reads inside, we hope you'll cozy up with a hot cuppa and let your mind wander into all Nevada has to offer. Enjoy!
Issue Cover Fall 2021

What’s Inside

Pyramid Lake Love Letter

Until 2020, I don’t think there was ever a year that I didn't go to Pyramid Lake. That means, for 54 years, no matter where I lived, I made sure to get to my favorite lake at least once a year. My parents started taking me to Pyramid when I was just a baby, and today, I take my grandchildren there. I think I have the lake’s dirt in my blood, and I know I have it in my soul.  ... read more

A Preppie in Pioche

After hitchhiking cross-country from my family's home in New Rochelle, New York, I landed in Salt Lake City looking for a job—any job a husky kid could get. The "men wanted" newspaper ads called for muckers in a Nevada mine. I walked to the hiring office of Combined Metals near my hotel. It was the first of May 1946. I was still a teenager, not long out of Kiski Prep near Pittsburgh. ... read more

2021 Great Nevada Picture Hunt

Every year, we think, "It can't get any better," and every year you prove us wrong. Our judges had another difficult time trying to decide—among thousands of submissions—which photos were the best of the best of Nevada. With a particular focus (get it?) on images that evoked an emotional response, we present this year's cream of the photographical crop. ... read more

Discovering Nevada Through its Desert Caves

In 1885, Absalom Lehman was riding south of his remote ranch near the Nevada-Utah border. As he worked his way into the verdant mountains near his homestead, the ground suddenly gave way and the horse and rider plunged through a chasm in the earth. Recovering from the fall, Lehman rose and beheld a vast cavern of geological wonder. ... read more

Ruby Crest Trail

The Ruby Mountains—one of Nevada’s most precious gems—evoke a sense of discovering some elegant treasure. It’s like walking though a field of sagebrush and stumbling upon a shimmer of color peeking up from the dull dirt—a glimpse of something that begs to be studied. Just as someone might study a gem’s unique characteristics, the Ruby Mountains provide countless opportunities to get a closer look and a deeper understanding. ... read more

The Sagebrush School

Nevada's first generation of writers and journalists ushered in a golden age of literature in the West. BY CORY MUNSON On a cold December night in the town of Mormon Station, two men slotted the final components of their printing press into place. Their press assembled, they pulled out their letterboxes and set up, letter by letter, six column ... read more

Your Favorite Nevada Recreation

Each issue, we showcase what we love about Nevada. Well, now it’s your turn. We’re dedicating these pages to our readers this year. We wanted to see what kind of recreational activities you enjoy around the state, and you sent us a variety of them from many corners of Nevada. Seems there’s no lack of things to do in the Silver State for all interests, fitness, and activity levels. We could never represent everything in these two pages, but these photos have us itchin’ to get out and explore. ... read more

Silent Echo Bay

During its heyday, Echo Bay—located on the Overton Arm of Lake Mead—supported a hotel, a huge marina, a convenience store, and plenty of visitors. Once the playground of some rather colorful types, it is not quite the attraction it once was, although there is still plenty to see and do in this remarkable area. ... read more

Where the Wild Things Are...in Nevada

Human fascination with Mother Nature’s fauna existed long before recorded history. We can’t get enough of the animals with whom we share the planet, and while the question of man’s impact on other creatures is widely debated, there are a number of organizations in Nevada that raise the art of caretaking to a whole new level.  ... read more

A Taste of Life On The Rails

While journeying Nevada’s highways, it’s easy to get distracted by options; each road shooting off into the desert holds the promise of adventure. However, when it comes to getting a bite to eat, choices are at a premium and travelers are often resigned to a take-what-you-can-get diet. We’ve all been there: gas station sandwiches, fast food fries, bags of trail mix. But now, hungry trekkers on Highway 93 can rejoice in a restaurant that puts variety back on the menu. Settled right in the heart of Caliente near the historic train depot, The Side Track restaurant offers classic American cuisine with many dietary choices.   ... read more

Nevada's First Jewish Temple Turns 100

It seems unlikely that the California Gold Rush would spawn Nevada’s first Jewish synagogue. Yet, that’s where Temple Emanu-El’s story begins.  Jewish merchants from the East Coast and Europe joined the mass migration to California in the late 1840s, seeking prosperity as suppliers of goods and services just as they had done back home. When The Comstock Lode hit in 1859, hundreds of merchants headed east to Nevada, settling at what was then called Fuller’s Crossing, a hospitable location for receiving merchandise from San Francisco. Arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1868 made the community—now renamed Reno—an economic hub, and the Jewish community was there to stay.  ... read more

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