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Odyssey of a Ghost Town Explorer part 12

I’ve spent nearly 300 hours in the car and used 700 gallons of gas to seek out more than 70 ghost towns. I’ve drank 36 cups of coffee, eaten 36 breakfast burritos, and spent 36 days on the road. I’ve encountered at least 3 flat tires, and many more migraines as a result. I’ve explored ghost towns in weather that fell well below 32 degrees, and well above 105. I’ve written roughly 26,500 words about these places in 12 different issues of Nevada Magazine, equating to about 2.2 words per mile. I’ve seen thousands of deer, hundreds of antelope, dozens of elk, and a couple trout. I’ve seen billions of sagebrush and stars. I’ve gazed across infinite miles of this great state; God’s own country. ... read more

True Grit: Wells

Mother Nature has tried to have her way with the northeastern town of Wells. Fires and a powerful earthquake have done their best to level the micropolitan burg about 50 miles east of Elko, without success. So too did the winds of change, when the town was all but bypassed by progress, but in the face of it all, Wells has persevered and maintained its charm while keeping a weather eye on the future. ... read more

Goldfield's Historic Battle

The thermometer was toying with the century mark on Sept. 3, 1906 in Goldfield, when two men touched gloves in the center of the ring. The fight was now underway. It was the favorite—Oscar “the Battling Dane” Nelson vs “the Rank Faker” Joe Gans, as the local press described him. ... read more

Nevada Nuggets

Anyone traveling through Nevada may have noticed a common occurrence beyond the majestic mountains, stunning views, and neon lights. For frequent travelers of the Silver State, there’s another sign you’re in Nevada: seeing a casino with the word nugget in the name. ... read more

The Ong

The Ong, as it became known, was said to have wings as long as the tallest pine tree, colossal webbed feet, and was covered in both feathers and scales. Legend maintains that the creature also had a human-like face. Though cowardly as the beast may have been at times, the Ong didn’t just drag people away for fun. It consumed them. ... read more

The Star Hotel

In September, Editor Megg Mueller and I, after wrapping up day two of ghost town adventures (see page 62), treated ourselves to one of the most consistently delicious meals in Elko—The Star Hotel. ... read more

Three Hikes in Red Rock

The Red Rock National Conservation Area sits on the west side of Las Vegas, just 14 miles from The Strip. A combination of wind and water over millions of years have shaped unique sandstone and limestone formations that provide recreation and memories. With 26 trails to choose from, Red Rock Canyon gives Vegas hikers of all ages a place to get outside. While not yet familiar with all of the trails, there are three that make me forget I live in the middle of Sin City. ... read more

Sweet Decadence

This four-hour experience explores the sweet side of Sin City, starting at the iconic M&M’s World on The Strip where four floors of colorful fun await. This location is the only M&M’s World in the western U.S. and one step inside reveals this is someplace special. Visitors can snap colorful photos of the famous M&M’s characters; pose in front of Kyle Busch’s M&M’s-sponsored NASCAR; print a personal message on M&M’s candies; and sample some of the new flavors like Thai coconut or coffee peanut. With more than 28,000 square feet to explore, the time flies by, so make sure to take it all in before the tour’s next stop. ... read more

Yesterday: Steamers of Tahoe

The first man-made craft to ply the crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe were the crude but efficient canoes of the Washoe Indians who lived on its shores. Trappers' skiffs carrying furs and trade goods appeared in the mid-1840s an ... read more

Through the Lens: Lamoille Canyon

  BY MEGG MUELLER Nevada Magazine has run stories about Lamoille Canyon for more than 70 years. We’ve written about Lamoille Canyon in the winter, summer, spring, and fall. We’ve covered the hikes, the skiing, the camping, and the wildflowers. We’ve written about the Ruby Mountains where the 12-mile canyon was formed, dug many ice ... read more

Only in Your State: Guru Road

Around 2 miles north of Gerlach lies a peculiar road; an anomalous cut in the sagebrush. Nevada has seemingly endless miles of dirt roads, but this one is special. Guru Road, as it has become known, is the Burning Man of dirt roads. ... read more

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