November – December 2016

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Carson City State Museums

Tucked into the capital, two distinct venues bring history to life. BY GUY CLIFTON At its best, history tickles our senses. To see history up close—to touch it, to smell it, to hear it, to stand in the footsteps of those who made it—is what ties generations together. It can spark wonder in the you ... read more

The Petticoat Prospectors

The Petticoat Prospectors Looking back: The little-known history of female miners in the Silver State BY TERRY SPRENGER-FARLEY "We do not see any reason why women should not engage in mining as well as men. If they can rock a cradle, they can run a car; if they can wash and scrub, they can pick and shovel. Although some gentlemen friends of ... read more

Great Basin National Park

  THROUGH THE LENS: Great Basin National Park STORY AND PHOTOS BY KIPPY S. SPILKER I leave Ely at 3:15 a.m. and head to the park in hopes of catching a good sunrise. I am not disappointed. Without traffic and construction, I make it there quicker than anticipated, and am able to photograph Wheeler Peak and the valley below under st ... read more

Odyssey of a Ghost Town Explorer: Part 6

  ODYSSEY OF A GHOST TOWN EXPLORER LAST OF SIX-PART SERIES EXAMINES ABANDONED SETTLEMENTS IN SOUTHERN NEVADA. PART 6: MILES BY ERIC CACHINERO 5,724 miles. That is the driving distance from Los Angeles to New York City and back again, with about ... read more

Gold 'N Silver Inn

Gold 'N Silver Inn Tasty tradition is the cornerstone of landmark Reno restaurant. STORY BY MEGG MUELLER PHOTOS BY KIPPY S. SPILKER There are many sayings that talk about the importance of sharing mealtime with family, but quotes come and go. If you wa ... read more

Stewart Indian School

  Lessons to be Learned Stewart Indian School is Still Teaching that the Past Should be Remembered BY JOYCE HOLLISTER Sports and girls. Those were what made Buck Sampson happy at Stewart Indian School in Carson City during his first few weeks there in 1968. While he ended up playing baseball and joining the boxing team—not to me ... read more

Reno Santa Crawl

10 Things to Know Before You Go Ho, Ho, Ho! BY NEVADA MAGAZINE The Reno Santa Crawl is one of those special events that give Reno its character. Each year, thousands of Santas descend on the streets of downtown, spreading holiday ch ... read more

Tour Around Nevada: Fallon

With hearts of gold, this Top Gun town flies to the finish. BY MEGG MUELLER The final winner of our 2016 Tour Around Nevada contest shouldn't be all it is today. Plopped into the arid land that was once home to ancient Lake Lahontan and part of the Forty-Mile Desert that ended the dreams of many pioneers, Fallon became the oasis of Nevada for ... read more

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